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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Accidents, assassinations, incarceration: What if it happens to Anwar?

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:42 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Accidents, assassinations, incarceration: What if it happens to Anwar?
Serious charges brought against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in the past is the result of the popular belief that he will be the next Prime Minister. For some reason, many quarters are dead set against it. From jealousy to fear that should Anwar become the Prime Minister, it will jeopardize their very existence in this country.
Anwar has too many secrets up his sleeve, and that's why he is seen as a threat. It has nothing to do with Race and Religion. So far he has been able to stay out of trouble, even though sinister plots after plot were engineered to seal his demise. Somehow, he has managed to survive the onslaught against all odds.
Many are curious, whether this man is actually a Saint? Most politicians with baggage would have sunk like a stone, but not Anwar. And lately, threats on his life have surfaced. His vehicle has been tampered with and accidents have been staged to make Anwar’s demise seem like an accident.
An assassination attempt is seen as too obvious, so they have resorted to other ingenious and 'accidental' ways to plot his death. It is also a wonder as there were so many opportunities to neutralize him in the past, but failed. He was an open target, but as Elections draw near, the passing of Anwar sounds more tempting.

The possibilities
Pakatan Rakyat would have seen this coming, and a plan would have been hatched for his successor, in case he gets snuffed out. But Malaysians would like to know who would this person be?
Would it be Azmin Ali? As the deputy, he would be a logical choice. No effort has been made to inflate his image in the eyes of Malaysians. Unlike Anwar, Azmin is virtually unknown outside the circles of PKR. Efforts to tarnish his image seem to be more persistent now, than efforts to enhance his image. The PKR party elections have also soiled Azmin's image due to allegations of vote rigging - perhaps deliberately by Anwar's rivals to make sure there is one less credible successor for him.
However, Azmin, untainted by UMNO makes a good leader, if given the opportunity. How far he will go, and to what extent he will sacrifice for this nation lies totally in him. But will the people accept him? Azmin, is a graduate from USA in science and mathematics, and current MP of Gombak. Seldom in the limelight, and shadowed by Anwar’s giant charisma, Azmin will blend naturally into his new role.
Secondly, Nurul Izzzah makes a good choice. She will be accepted with open arms by the people. Her leadership qualities, intellectual integrity, coupled with a fresh new look will charm the hearts and minds of the people. Also graduated from an American University, and current Lembah Pantai MP, she is seen as more approachable than Azmin. She will also be a good choice for Prime Minister.
Over to PAS. Hadi Awang, the party president, has all the qualities and qualifications for top choice of Prime Minister. Graduated with a degree from Egypt, and former Chief Minister of Terengganu, his leadership, unwavering through the years makes him a strong contender for the top job. He will also be a natural choice with full support from the PAS leadership and grass roots.
Or maybe, Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Chief Minister of Kelantan and Spiritual Leader of PAS. He will be a popular choice if he accepts the position. Most people however feel that he will not take up the offer due to health and old age. However, I believe he will have undivided support should he agree.
Lim Guan Eng would be a good choice, but not in this decade. Not until Malaysia learns to accept a true democracy, where policies are determined without fear or favour.
Malaysia is also not ready to accept a non-Muslim Prime Minister. The Christian controversy has already frayed a lot of nerves. But maybe as a Deputy Prime Minister. Has PERKASA any objections to that?
Act now to calm Malay fears
Whoever it is, Pakatan Rakyat must start to act. Should anything happen to Anwar, it would be disastrous for Pakatan. It needs a strong head, able to glue the coalition together.
If anyone of the above should be picked as the next leader in line to Anwar, would it have the undivided support of everyone in the coalition? It wouldn’t be fruitful to start quarrelling only when it is too late when Anwar is gone. Do it now when he can guide the process.
Whatever it may be, our Prayers are with Anwar Ibrahim, and may the Almighty protect him, and should he ever get the chance to lead this nation one day, we hope he will be inspired to bring this nation out of its misery and to greater glory.
And should Pakatan Rakyat gets the mandate to rule this nation, the next Prime Minister would still be a Malay-Muslim. So there is really no issue unlike what that noisy Ibrahim Ali, or the cousins Hisham and Najib and that dark force Dr Mahathir are insisting will happen if Pakatan rules.
It is their ruse to frighten the Malay community, which at 60 per cent of the population still holds the key to the political direction in the country.

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