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Friday, May 20, 2011

BRUNEI: Man found hanging by rope

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:26 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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A MALE foreign national was found dead hanging by a rope from a second-floor window of the Melabau Complex in the Serusop commercial area yesterday morning, police said.
The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) said they received the report of the suspected suicide at 6.30am, but it was believed the time of death took place earlier. The man was seen hanging with his hands appearing to clutch the rope he hung from, wearing a red shirt and light coloured shorts barefoot.
The body had been taken to the mortuary of Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hjh Saleha (Ripas) hospital, where a post-mortem to determine the exact cause of death was expected to be carried out this morning.
"There is no suspicion of foul play," the RBPF spokesman told The Brunei Times just before noon yesterday.
The police based this on the absence of forced entry into the office, and thus, initial investigations have classified the case as a suicide. The spokesperson said he could not release further details of the man and that the case was still being investigated.
Meanwhile, an employee of a transport and contractor company housed at the Melabau Complex, who said the deceased was his colleague, said he was the first to encounter the body of Marvin, a Filipino national in his 40s.
Speaking to reporters as police cordoned off the building, Indonesian Sardiutomo, a driver for the company, said he was about to drive his truck to Miri where he was supposed to pick up a shipment of fertiliser for the company.
He had stopped by the office in Serusop to get money from Marvin, who was like a "foreman" and handled company money, to pay for the toll and other expenses on the way to Miri.
Sardiutomo tried to call Marvin at least thrice to inform him that he had arrived at the commercial complex, but he did not pick up his phone.
Sardiutomo then stepped out of the truck and walked over to the office. He said it was at about 6.10am, that he tripped on a curb before seeing Marvin's body hanging from a window of a toilet of the company office.
"I shouted for help, but nobody was around," the Indonesian driver said.
An employee of another company called the police afterwards.
Sardiutomo and other workers from the area said Marvin stayed at a residential flat, the door of which was adjacent to the door leading to his office. They said there was another person that stayed with him, but the person was not there yesterday morning.
Both doors were reportedly locked when they found the body. They said Marvin was one of the few people who had keys to the office.
However, the workers themselves had never been inside the toilet from which Marvin allegedly hung himself, they believed that it would be similar to the toilets in the other units of the commercial block.
"It will be quite difficult to get out of the toilet (window) because it is very high. He must have had to use a step-ladder or something," the workers speculated.
Marvin was last seen alive going to a sundry shop in the building behind the office block.
The shopkeeper there told The Brunei Times that the deceased visited the shop at around 9.30pm to 10pm.
He changed about $30 in coins to notes, something he did regularly, and bought one $10 and two $5 mobile recharge cards, the shopkeeper recalled. "He was quiet as always, scratched the Easi card and stepped out. He never sat around for long," the shopkeeper said. He and the workers said they did not notice anything particular in Marvin's behaviour that night.

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