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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mom presents 'virgin' daughter to husband

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:37 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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HONG KONG - A mother sent her 17-year-old daughter for a hymen-repair operation before arranging for her husband to rape the girl, reported Hong Kong Chinese daily Ming Pao.

She also allegedly asked the girl to pose nude for the 37-year-old man.

The teenager said this in a court hearing in Hong Kong after rape charges were filed against her stepfather.

She said her parents had divorced when she was seven years old, after which her mother married the accused.

When she was 16, she said her 39-year old mother persuaded her to have sex with her stepfather.

"My mother wanted to fulfill his wish to bed a virgin, so she asked me to have sex with him but I was already not one, by then" she said.

She said when her mother found out, she forced her to get her hymen 'fixed' and threatened to cut off her fingers if she refused.

The girl eventually agreed to undergo the surgery in May last year.

After that, her mother planned a family holiday to Cheung Chau, with the aim of getting her husband to have sex with the girl.

The man, however, could not wait and raped the teenager at their home.

The teenager told the court that she had complained about the rape to her mother but she did not do anything to help her.

She then lodged a police report as advised by her boyfriend and a social worker.

The defence counsel, however, said the teenager had made up the story after her stepfather refused to buy her a laptop.

The court hearing continues.

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