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Monday, May 16, 2011

Queen termites can make men king in bed

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:53 AM | Best Blogger Tips

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A MAN involved in the pest control business has claimed eating queen termites can boost the sexual prowess for men.
Metro Ahad reported Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar as saying queen termites had special properties similar to that of viagra.
He said the bug must be swallowed alive 15 minutes before the start of sexual activity for it to be effective.
“The effect is as if we are running in a marathon non-stop,” claimed the 45-year-old man, who said he started eating queen termites seven years ago.
Abdul Rahim claimed the price of a queen termite can be as high as between RM2,500 (S$1,030) and RM5,000, depending on its size and colour.
He said that he once pocketed RM7,000 by selling three queen termites.
Well-known gynaecologist Datuk Dr Ismail Thamby, however, brushed off Abdul Rahim's claim as just a myth.
“If there is any effect, it is only psychological in nature because the person who eats it believes it works,” he said.

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