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Monday, May 9, 2011

Umno sets loose 'female dogs' at Wan Azizah on Mother's Day

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:07 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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Umno sets loose 'female dogs' at Wan Azizah on Mother's Day
On Mother's Day, instead of harboring kindly thoughts and maternal goodwill to all, Umno women sharpened their knives and went after PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.
But their expressions of sympathy fooled no one and only elicited condemnation against themselves. That's right, many Malaysians minced no words and called them "bitches" to their faces.
First off the bat was PKR turncoat Aminah Abdullah. She beseeched her former boss not to put up with her husband Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has been the target of a series of what he alleges are Umno-linked conspiracies to discredit him and chop down his political standing.
"If the allegations (regarding sodomy and sex video) are true, she shouldn't hang on to him. A husband is not hard to find, but as a woman, it's more important that we have some pride," national news agency Bernama reported Aminah as saying.
"I feel really sorry and sad for her, but maybe she knows better. She should defend herself because many people consider her as Anwar's puppet."
But Anwar's puppet or not, Azizah could teach her and other Umno women a thing or two about love, commitment and marriage.
“I have never regretted marrying Anwar. Before Anwar, I accepted another proposal. But during solat istikharah, when Anwar asked me to be his wife, I dreamt of lots of posters that looked like election posters,” the 58-year old Azizah had told the press.
“All these posters were of Anwar. For me, that was a sign from God so I picked Anwar.”
Be careful ladies, what goes around comes around
Aminah (right) was also 'kind' enough to tell Azizah that "certain parties" were treating her as an "indicator" to determine wthether they should continue supporting Anwar.
Aminah also suggested that Azizah clung to Anwar 'simply because she wanted to protect her family and the political interests of certain people'.

"PKR members know it, and so do PAS members (the truth behind the sodomy and sex video allegations)," said Azizah.
"However, they can't say anything for fear that the opposition pact will collapse. As long as Wan Azizah puts up with it, they'll do so too, for the sake of the pact. Many people feel sorry for her, but they're also wondering why she keeps on defending Anwar."
Aminah had hit the headlines in 2009 when she contested the Penanti seat in Penang, losing to PKR's Mansor Othman, the current deputy chief minister.
Then, there were the heavy ones
Meanwhile, Umno heavyweight, Rosnah Shirlin the Puteri chief, said feelings of sympathy towards Wan Azizah were misplaced as she could have chosen to lie on her own bed.

"Wan Azizah should feel sorry for herself for going down the path that she has chosen," said Rosnah (left), who is also deputy Health Minister.
Meanwhile, far away in Istanbul, another Umno bigwig 'First Lady' Rosmah Mansor said becoming a 'first lady' is not a privilege but a responsibility.
Despite criticism that she was not reaching out to the people and that she interfered too much in the country's politics, the 60-year old Rosmah (right) assured that she was always mindful of her responsibilities, especially in supporting her husband Prime Minister Najib Razak.

"There are no guidelines on being the First Lady. But I take a leaf from other First Ladies -- things that they do, the responsibilities they carry out towards the people," she told some 1,000 participants at the First Ladies Forum held in conjunction with the Global Summit of Women 2011, over the weekend.
Serenity above the backbiting
However, PAS MP for Titiwangsa Lo'Lo' Ghazali rubbished the display of bitchiness by the Umno women towards the PKR leader.
She praised Azizah for her famed serenity and fortitude despite the multitude of obstacles hurled at her by her political foes.
"As a Muslim woman, Wan Azizah is a humble servant, putting her trust in Allah. She always recites the `zikir'. In fact, she always uses the white bracelet on her wrist to recite the zikir," said LoLo.


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