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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amorous couples irk beach visitors in Mersing

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:35 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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THE usual sight of couples making out in Air Papan, Mersing, have left visitors to the coastal area feeling awkward, embarrassed, and angry.
Nur Atiqah Ramli, 16, who likes to go to the beach with her friends, said: "We often come here to de-stress, and it is unfortunate that we have to witness such shameful behaviour.
PDA on the beach
Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: YouTube, TNP)

Nur Atiqah's friend, Nursyahira Idayu Razali, 16, said couples are also making out in abandoned cars dotted along the beach."Although I was told there are fewer couples now making out on the beach, but what I have seen proves otherwise," she said.
"These people think they are hidden from view but they have been regularly spotted by other visitors including the local authorities," said Nursyahira.
She said she has even seen couples in compromising situations while bathing in the sea.

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