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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ANOTHER Brawl Among Women at Denny’s As Chairs Go Flying – Video

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:52 PM | | | | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Diners at a Florida restaurant got more than they expected from their late night meal after a full-blown female wrestling extravaganza kicked off. The fight involving chairs, tables, salt shakers and many other objects lying around in a Denny’s restaurant in Port Charlotte is becoming a hit on YouTube.

One woman almost lost her modesty as her black underwear was exposed, but that didn’t seem to bother her as she threw chairs and knocked over tables.
The argument began when two black women wearing skin-tight outfits began arguing with a white woman who was also wearing a skin-tight dress.
Security guards and restaurant waiters tried to separate them and take them outside as they were egged on by a number of onlookers.
One man came up to one of the black women and tried to get her to calm down but she pushed him away and continued arguing with the white woman.
The white woman then picked up a chair and threatened it towards the black woman before the security guard told her to put it down.
The black woman then pushed the white woman to the floor, whose dress seemed to ride up her legs as her black underwear was exposed to the cheering crowd.
A full-blown chair fight then ensued between the two women across the restaurant as some people cheered and others looked terrified as they ducked for cover.
Tables were pushed over and the women stood at opposite ends of the open-plan area, as the man filming the video said: ‘S**t, you gotta be kidding me’.
Another man intervened and tried to get the white woman to calm down, before she walked around and tried to recover her modesty by pulling her outfit back down.
Smashed glass and broken furniture lay all over the floor as the filming man said: ‘What the f**k is going on?’ Another man said: ‘I got five on the white girl!’
She tied up her hair as the situation became under control, and the police arrived. She said: ‘Hey sir, how you doing? A b***h just beat me up.’
DJ Quest, who has a show on 105.5 The Beat in Fort Myers, Florida, uploaded the popular video, and said it was a ‘crazy night’ at Denny’s.
‘Got our food late but the show was great,’ he said. ‘UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) ain’t got nothing on this.’
A spokesman for Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said no arrests were made, Denny’s did not press charges and no police report was filed.
‘We received a call from Denny’s after the incident inside the restaurant was over,’ he said. ‘Deputies arrived one minute after the call.
‘Denny’s refused to press charges and the case was closed.’
The fight comes two months after a mass brawl ensued in a Denny’s restaurant in Chicopee, Massachusetts, over maple syrup for pancakes.

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