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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rhodri Giggs sends girl sexy SMSes and pictures

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:02 AM | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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NEWLY-SINGLE Rhodri Giggs wasted no time in his hunt for another lover - bombarding a girl almost half his age with sexy texts and pics.

Rhodri, 34, dumped wife Natasha after she said she had an eight-year affair with his millionaire brother, Man United ace Ryan.

And within 24 hours, he was flirting with the 18-year-old stranger via BlackBerry Messenger after a mutual pal suggested they get in touch.

Delivery driver Rhodri sent her snaps of himself - including one of his naked torso and another in a hoodie - while staying with TV actor and best man Will Mellor in Berkshire.

The girl, who had not recognised Rhodri's name, sent him a photo too. She said: "He asked if I could send him any pictures to cheer him up.

"I was chatting to him before I knew who he was. Then I saw him in The Sun and told him I'd found out.

"I asked, 'Are you sure you should be texting me'? He said, 'I'm quite sure - I've done nothing wrong."

Rhodri told his teenage text chum her photo had cheered him up and asked for another. After she obliged, he responded: "Beautiful."

He sent a photo of himself in a shirt and said: "Give you the sexy shot later." He then sent her the headless snap of his bare chest and stomach.

Dad-of-one Rhodri went on to send her his mobile number and call her "sweetheart" before sending more texts.
Txt pics ... photos Rhodri Giggs sent 18-year-old girl as they chatted online
Txt pics ... photos Rhodri Giggs sent 18-year-old girl as they chatted online

The girl, who does not want to be named, told him: "Cheer up sweet cheeks. Think about r date on weekend xxx."
He texted: "If you want to keep cheering me up, keep sending me nice pics, they'll defo do the trick, cutey."

When the girl said she was in the bath, Rhodri asked for a "bath shot". She declined.

The teenager also asked: "You speaking to your brother now? I feel for you." He replied: "Kind of", but immediately changed the subject.

The girl texted: "Are you getting back with your wife? I don't wanna be a home- wrecker!" He dismissed any chance of a reunion with Natasha, 28, saying: "I'll NEVER get back with her. I'm moving on quicker the better."

The girl and Rhodri spoke several times by phone before Rhodri returned to Manchester. But they never met.

The girl said: "It sounds like he was coming on to me. On the phone he said he wanted me to visit him and cheer him up. I asked how and he said, 'Be imaginative'."

She added: "I just laughed. I thought he meant dirty. I felt uncomfortable - he's old enough to be my dad."

Natasha said Ryan, 37 - who also bedded model Imogen Thomas - made her pregnant and paid towards an abortion weeks before she wed Rhodri in Las Vegas last June.

Furious wife Stacey, 32, has now put the footballer on a total sex ban as he bids desperately to salvage their marriage.

He will sleep in a spare room of their mansion in Worsley, Greater Manchester.

The pair are believed to have returned from Spain yesterday and Ryan is to have therapy for sex addiction. A pal said: "Stacey has insisted Ryan gets help and he's agreed. He's doing everything he can to try and save the marriage."

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