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Friday, June 24, 2011

World's smelliest man hasn't bathed in 37 years

Sulaiman Kamal | 6:59 PM | | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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An Indian man could be the world's smelliest man for refusing to wash for more than 37 years.

Kailash Singh, 65, has not bathed or cut his 3m-long dreadlocks since 1974, shortly after he married, reported Daily Mail.

He claimed a priest guaranteed him a son if he followed the advice. He has seven daughters instead.

His wife, Kalavati Devi, 60, said that he'd rather die than take a bath and only a son could change his mind.

"It has been so many years now I've got used to it," said Kalavati.

Kailash spends his days tending cows in 47C heat near the Indian holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the River Ganges.

The only 'cleansing' he allows himself is a 'fire bath' each evening - smoking marijuana, praying to the Hindu Lord Shiva and dancing around a bonfire.

His family admit they once tried to force him into a stream but he fought them off and ran away. They told Daily Mail that they tried several times to force Kailash to have a shower but he puts up a fuss.

Kalavati even threatened to stop sleeping with him but she eventually gave in, insisting she should be loyal and put up with the stench.

The father of seven is often teased by his neighbours in the rural village of Chatav but said he is following god's will.

"There are many people who have a poor character that mock me for not washing.
"They do not understand my decision but I will not change my mind as it is god's choice, not mine", said Kailash.

Youngest daughter Pooja, 16, says her father's strange decision has made her more popular, as her schoolmates are curious to see and meet him.

She said: "Earlier I would be angry but there's nothing we can do as he doesn't listen to anyone."
The only contact with water Kailash has is to wash his mouth and hands.

"I have no son, so I will never wash again," he said. "Maybe when I am born again I will wash."


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