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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bizarre is the word to describe Najib’s administration

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:00 AM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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"I have not violated any law in Malaysia and strongly protest my detention," Bourdon's statement written in French read.
"I do not understand the rationale of this detention; secondly, I have acted professionally as Suaram's lawyer; and thirdly, I only came to explain the details of the Scorpenes lawsuit."
His wife Lea Forestier, who travelled from Paris with him, was not detained. She read out the statement at a briefing to the press. The authorities have closed off access to William.

"He is demanding exit flight to be arranged tonight instead of prolonged detention. The only other experience of William Bourdon and myself being denied entry was from Tunisia under Ben Ali, that was a banana republic then," Lea said.
The detention and deportation of French lawyer William Bourdon is another string of bizarre acts by Najib and his administration. This is not the first time the Immigration Department has played its part in the Altantuya saga.
Playing with immigration - again!
Back in 2007, it was revealed that travelling details for Altantuya and her cousin were erased from the Immigration Department’s computers. There were no records of the two ever entering Malaysia. Hishammuddin was unable to provide an answer when queried on this fact. Instead, this point was quickly shoved under the rug, out of the public eye.
And now in 2011, the lawyer engaged by Suaram is unceremoniously removed from a plane, detained and deported for reasons unknown.
Already, this act by the Immigration Department smells of a cover-up. It is a cover-up of the highest level, indicating the depth of the corruption that colors the 2007 purchase of Scorpene submarines.
Small wonder if Malaysia would now be ranked among the governments that not only repress and oppress their own citizens but also foreign nationals. Bourbon was treated like an illegal upon reaching Kuala Lumpur from Penang.
Ironic that his first entry into Malaysia was hassle free, yet it seems his speech at the Penang fund-raiser had ruffled the feathers of those involved with the submarine corruption.
Not a very good leader
At a time when the Najib administration is so focused on censuring any manner of news that portrays the country in a bad light, Najib himself pulls a stunt guaranteed to up the level of protest from within and outside Malaysia.
It reflects a panicking administration unable to handle the truth which has surfaced. An administration so desperate to hang on to power that it has negated all common sense and logic. Instead, it is an administration living within its own false reality, that it is still the best and the greatest and the answer to all of Malaysia’s woes. Najib is blind to his own inability to control his own personal urges to act the bully to remain in power.
He is thus, a leader by mere name but does not fully comprehend the role he has to play both in Malaysia and in the international scene. A lover of the glory accorded to national leaders, he is lazy to be a leader among men and women, he has truly lost his bearings.
The deportation of Bourbon has merely served to accelerate the investigations into the submarine purchases. Najib, in effect, has only himself to blame.
Regardless of how and what the spin by the main-stream media will be concerning the detainment and deportation; everyday Malaysians know.
Najib has something to hide, and in trying to hide it deeper; he shows us just how guilty he really is.

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