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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Communism, Socialism and Barisan Nasionalism

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:13 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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From Alwyn Lau, via e-mail
In Communism, EO6 would be the name of a highway; in Socialism, an affirmative action policy. In Barisan Nasionalism, EO6 is the symbol of both injustice and resistance to it, the creation and yet scourge of the boys in Putrajaya and Bukit Aman.
It’s not enough that six innocent individuals are wrongfully detained, the government has to justify itself by conflating Communism with Socialism. It’s bad enough these good folks are being held in sub-1 star hospitality and forced to be separated from their family and friends against their will. Minister in the PM’s Department Nazri Aziz - instead of promoting justice – has to underscore the injustice his bosses have committed by invoking the absurd boogeyman of Communist insurgents.

It would appear, then, that the Federal Government comprehends neither Communism nor Socialism nor, unsurprisngly, the right thing to do. So I hope the below helps set a few things straight. I don’t want the next government dude making public statements to look stupid because he can’t seem to get his theoretical categories right.
Communism is Marx’s understanding of the next logical stage after Capitalism. Socialism is Lee Kuan Yew’s understanding of every stage in Singapore. Barisan Nasionalism is Mahathir’s understanding of whatever he and his successors are staging in Malaysia.
Communism happens when the means of production are no longer a factor for exploitation by one class of another. Socialism directs the manner, direction and intensity of the means of production to minimise exploitation and promote national growth. Barisan Nasionalism spokesmen often sound mean and meaningless, don’t know what the means of production means and promote demeaning policies.
Communism targets the resolution of the class struggle. Socialism aims for the State doing most of the resolution in a country. Basian Nasionalism hopes to resolve the problems faced by cronies, racists and leaders who don’t like people to wear yellow and march downtown.
Communism is ultimately about self-governance by a nation already sufficient in resources. Socialism is about State-governance to ensure sufficient resources. Barisan Nasionalism is wasting resources producing pointless Facebook pages.
Communism is Capitalism superseded. Socialism is Capitalism weeded. Barisan Nasionalism is just sad.
Communism wants to make everyone rich by instituting that everybody shares equally in the abundance of their resources. Socialism wants to un-make the mega riches of some so more people can have a slightly bigger share. Barisan Nasionalism is about promising a ‘Developed and High-Income Nation’ but making selected filthy rich parties get even filthier, except during election time when it’s time to hand out the rice and poster-sized cheques.
Communism hopes to regulate and equalise a community’s desire so that inequality can be curbed. Socialism uses regulation to directly bring about equality regardless of what people desire. Barisan Nasionalism desires super-expensive towers which are sure to make some people unequally wealthy.
Communism involves a theoretical utopia meant to inspire the oppressed classes towards working together as one. Socialism is about one State enforcing practical conditions such that all classes in the country fall in line, get along and don’t eat each other up. Barisan Nasionalism is hopeless, whether in practice or theory.
In Communism, there is no Right or Left because all would be Good. In Socialism, the State is suspicious of the Right, hence its leaning to the Left. In Barisan Nasionalism it’s all Wrong and the Good is all but Left Out.
Communism is about freedom for all. Socialism restricts the freedom of some so more resources can be freed up for the public. Barisan Nasionalism is about refusing freedom to those they want to scare and using dodgy resources (like tear gas) for their ends.
Communism addresses the alienation inherent in a profit-driven society. Socialism redresses some of the stratification, poverty and moral hazards caused by profit-making. Barisan Nasionalism simply has people with ill-gotten addresses worth more than RM6million.
Communism wants to let profits serve people. Socialism wants to channel profits to some of the poorer people. Barisan Nasionalism wants certain already-rich people to profit even more from bribes, hand-outs and over-priced contracts.
Communism is a worthy and compassionate ideal which went horribly wrong due to the evil of certain leaders. Socialism is no ideal and with good leaders more things are made right. Barisan Nasionalism would only be ideal…if voted out.
So I hope this clears the air for Nazri. Next time he and his buddies shouldn’t fire tear gas in the public square. And they’d better let the six people go home. What does he think the EO6 is – a highway?

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