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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Handbag thief slashes woman's throat

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:29 AM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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RELATIVES of a woman slashed in the neck on her way to work have told how she walked home bleeding.
Lovena Yandall, 25, had her throat slashed near Brunswick station early this morning during a  vicious early-morning robbery.

The attack happened about 6.15am as the 25-year-old woman passed The Railway Hotel in Albert St.
Father-in-law David Yandall said the 25-year-old managed to walk the four or so blocks home, calling 000 on the way.
"She’s standing with sort of her hand over (her neck) and bleeding everywhere, blood everywhere,’’ Mr Yandall said.
"We just took (her) inside and got a towel and you know, try to stop the bleeding.’’
Detective Senior Constable Kylie Snart said a man approached the woman from behind, grabbed her by the throat and demanded her handbag.
She gave the bag to him before he slashed her throat and ran off towards Sydney Road along the train line.
Ms Yandall was treated by paramedics before being taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a stable condition.
"It's obviously a vicious attack, a random attack on a young woman who was just on her way to work, so it’s quite concerning to the public," Senior Constable Snart said.
Police are still hunting for the attacker, described as 175cm tall and wearing dark clothing.
Sen-Constable Snart said there were people around at the time and has appealed to anyone who may have witnessed the attack to come forward.
"If anyone was walking along the railway line or down Sydney Road and saw any suspicious people or cars obviously we would encourage them to contact us," she said.
Police have set up a crime scene.

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