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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Headache caused by wooden spike in her head

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:20 AM | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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A woman told how a 12-inch wooden spike was driven into her head by fanatic Anders Breivik's massive car bomb - without her realising.
Line Nersnaes, 50, recalled: "I had a terrible headache but I couldn't understand why."

She was at her desk on the 11th floor of Norway's Justice Ministry in Oslo when Breivik, 32, launched the bloody onslaught that killed 76 people.
The blast in the street outside shattered a wooden window frame and sent the sharp fragment ripping through her chin and out from the top of her head.
Line, who had been working on a government white paper, said: "I heard this huge blast. There was a massive shockwave that filled the room.
"The whole window frame came towards me and I was hit in the head.
"But I had no idea this wooden spike had drilled into my head.
"I finished up 10ft from where I had been sitting.
"We had to get out as fast as possible. We walked down the stairs and it was like hell, like a war zone. I told my boss Knut Fosli I had a headache. He looked and said, 'You have something sticking out of your head'."
Line was rushed to hospital with the other wounded but miraculously had no brain damage.
Eight people were killed by Friday's home-made fertiliser bomb, estimated to have contained up to 2,000lb of explosive.
A video taken seconds after it went off reveals a giant crater.
A rented white Fiat Crofter van containing the bomb was left in front of the building, which houses the prime minister's office.
Experts said because the van was over an underground car park it prevented even more carnage. Had it been on solid ground, the whole building would have collapsed.
Two hours after Friday's blast, neo-Nazi Breivik - who was on a mission to drive Muslims out of Europe - shot dead 68 people at a youth camp on an island 25 miles from Oslo.
It emerged yesterday that his first words to police after surrendering were: "Now I'm finished."
Ambulance chiefs confirmed that he shot at medics treating the wounded.
Norwegian cops are helping British police probe any links between Breivik and UK far-right groups.
The hunt for dead on the island ended yesterday when the body of a 23-year-old woman was found.

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