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Friday, July 22, 2011

The 'Katak' Award: Would it really enhance the Malays or insult them

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:43 AM | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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The recent announcement of the Ibrahim Ali Leadership Award has brought amusement, smiles and sniggers to a politically-charged Malaysian environment. To be frank, outright rumblings of laughter could be heard throughout the nation, with some citizens rolling on the floor clutching their tummies.
Ibrahim Ali, of all people has endowed a fund for a worthy recipient from UiTM. This 'lucky' and 'special' student will receive the prestigious Ibrahim Ali award for outstanding performance, loyalty to race and nation. The Award also carries a very special cash prize of RM5,000-00 with compliments of the man himself.

Not a week goes by ...
The 60-year old Ibrahim Ali never fails to deliver, even in the most difficult of situations. Recently criticized for his disappearance during the Bersih rally, he returned with new vengeance and a volley of abuses against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan, calling for the immediate revocation of their citizenships and datukships.
The Pasir Mas MP came into prominence after the formation of Perkasa in 2010 and since then, this plump, 'toad-like' creature has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. 'Toad-like' or 'katak' or frog is the nickname given to him by his crtics for his habit of hopping from political party to party.
Not a week goes by, without him concocting something sinister to rattle the nerves of the people with. Initially, they were shocked at his rude radicalism, and then from shock, it became consternation. Today, many people write him off as just a harmless clown, a little kitten trying to roar like a T-Rex. But not all the people, especially the Malays should not -  if they are alert.
Most famous was his preposterous claim that the Chinese are going to take over Malaysia. Later it was followed by, the Christians are going to take over Malaysia. The latest now is that, Bersih is going to take over Malaysia.
He has also gone to the extreme in his efforts to divide the nation. He even volunteered to lead a crusade against the Christians and vowed that blood would be spilt. He also warned the Chinese to stay home and stock up on food on 9th July, the day of the Bersih Rally.
Ibrahim will bring extinction to his people
But then, life hasn’t been too kind to a one-man army like himself. Stripped of his datukship title by the Sultan of Kelantan, and permission for an audience with the King flatly rejected, he still shows no signs of remorse. His extreme remarks, childish tantrums in public, and his uncontrollable rage are his hallmarks.
But for all his seditious remarks, the authorities still refuse to have him arrested unlike the PSM supporters, whom the police were only too quick to lock up. They think that he is nothing more than a tame mischief maker, with a screw loose no doubt. He has been called all kinds of names like King of Frogs, a comical clown, the Chosen One and recently a dinosaur, but he seems to relish the media attention showered on him.
Picking fights with prominent political leaders in public have 'amused' Malaysians, although the actual fact is they are not really that amused.
Make no mistake. Ibrahim Ali is not so comical. If he is a Malay champion, many Malays would feel disgraced and rightly so. Does Ibrahim stand for intelligence, piety, brilliance, charisma or even good looks?
Then, what does Ibrahim Ali conjure up? The answer is  jaguh kampung as even UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has said, a gedebe politik or political gangster. And for this, Ibrahim is to 'inspire' the Malay youth and be a symbol of the best in the Malay race?
Surely, Malays can do better. Shame, shame, if they can't. Extinction will be next, if they can't.
A front for UMNO
As an independent MP, he does not hide the fact that his loyalty is with UMNO, while Pakatan Rakyat ignores his antics, watching quietly on the sidelines while he tries to tear the country apart.
The more he does so, the more of a fool he makes of UMNO and the Najib administration. And sad to say, of the Malay race as well. So do not take him so lightly, he is a real danger to our national and ethnic integrity.
The people also find it incredible that UiTM, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, was actually receptive to a ‘prestigious’ Ibrahim Ali Award, even though it was proposed by the man himself.
Two days ago UiTM announced that nominations were open for its newly introduced Ibrahim Ali award. The startling announcement has led many to question the integrity behind such an award.
However, UiTM vice-chancellor, Professor Sahol Abdul Hamid, has clarified that the award is only in the proposal stage. It has to be brought to the Senate for approval before being presented to the Board of Directors for endorsement
UiTM should think twice
UITM is the largest university in Malaysia, with branches in every state. It also has a Memorandum of Understanding with Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and MIT.
Would it add to the prestige of UiTM to have an Ibrahim Ali Special Award at this time, to be presented to the unlucky recipient during its convocation ceremony? Where would the recipient hide his face after that?
UiTM’s Institut Pemikiran dan Kepimpinan Melayu (Impak) website had earlier spelled out the details on the award to be granted to students who display “clear and consistent” principles in upholding race. But a check on Impak’s website today, revealed that the announcement of the award has since been removed.
Sahol also emphasised that UiTM would not accept the award without prior approval from both the Senate and Board of directors. “With this explanation I hope that the issue will not be played up any longer,” he added.
Announcement of this award has not only drawn stark criticism from various quarters, but also condemnation and ridicule. Such an award will only make a mockery of our prestigious educational establishment like the UiTM.
A number of UiTM students have also expressed their deep reservations and shame in accepting such an award, with some saying that it should be reserved for deserving UiTM leaders instead - an allusion to the perception the majority of the UiTM leaders and top staff are beholden to UMNO, just like Ibrahim Ali himself.
A sort of a birds of feather, flock together insinuation!

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