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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Najib slammed for attacking Ambiga, PAS: Only those who are "dirty" fear Bersih

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:30 PM | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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PAS leaders scoffed at Prime Minister Najib Razak, who lambasted the Islamist party and Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan, for the July 9 Bersih rally for free and fair elections, saying that only those who were "dirty" would reject reforms meant to cleanse out years of corruption and abuse.

Najib had told a rally in Kelantan that PAS would do anything to capture Putrajaya.
“Who doesn’t know Ambiga. She’s the one who threatened Islam. And below her is Mat Sabu,” Najib told a crowd during a one-visit to Kelantan.
"Ambiga should not think herself so strong. We will not budge at all in fighting for the truth. We will keep our claws."
Najib was referring to Mohamad Sabu, the PAS deputy president whose election early last month had stunned UMNO strategists because of his well-known dislike for Najib's nationalist party.
Make or break campaign against Bersih 2.0
The PM is going on a make-or-break campaign against the Bersih 2.0 rally, which aims to gather citizens on a march to the Palace to deliver a memorandum of 8 electoral reforms.
The unusual vehemence against the free-and-fair elections rally has shocked Malaysians, turning many fence-sitters against the ruling BN coalition. More than 100 arrests have been made so far.

Six members of PSM, a minnow party, were re-arrested and remanded under the draconian Emergency Ordinace Act in a bid to show Najib's willingness to crack the whip.
But not only did Najib get an outpouring of anger, scorn, accusations of racism and bullying the mostly ethnic Indian PSM members, he is also believed to be using the Bersih rally as an excuse to cling to power in his UMNO party by launching Emergency rule.
"Amongst the Bersih 2.0 electoral reforms, one is the cleaning up of the voters registration rolls, two is the cleaning of the elections from bribes and corruption and three is to clean up the postal votes system. Only those who are dirty would reject that which is BERSIH (Bersih means clean)," PAS MP for Kuala Selangor Dzulkefly Ahmad toldMalaysia Chronicle.
Meanwhile DAP MP for Petaling Jaya Utara Tony Pua slammed Najib for defaming Ambiga, a former Bar Council president and receipient of the International Women of Courage Award.
"Najib is despicable for using religion to character assasinate Ambiga, claiming she threatened Islam. Desperado," Tony said on Twitter.


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