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Friday, July 15, 2011

Now everyone can make change

Sulaiman Kamal | 10:13 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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To the living who are among the living dead,
Let the sun’s dawn upon the nation and upon you on July 9 be not in vain. May its light not be eclipsed in you, but the brilliance of 10.000 suns flow through the children of the sun.

The hour for the turning point has come, and will it or not, it is the Day of Judgement draws nigh, for the plug is been pulled from the wicked, even though their fan momentum will continue for a while.
For sure, you are not the neutered ones or those for whom religion is an opium. In you is invested a great power for change, and for whose sake the armies of angelic bands are gathered around the hills of Kuala Lumpur eager to jenter the fray as it happened in the Middle East.
They await your command as you join in to bring down the ‘wall of Jericho’ as you commit this prayer to memory and recite it with energy and devotion wherever you may be.

Charge the earth with violet fire,
Wisdom, govern all desire-
Invoke in the hearts of men so dear
The will to triumph over fear!
Our victory is sure when we trust in God
We place our faith in heaven’s rod
The wicked shall fall with their evil ways
The children of God Lights’ banner raise.
The earth shall be freed from the stain of sin
And all mankind Light’s victory win!
We love our earth O Central Sun
Send thy legions, the battle’s begun
Let freedom rule in every land,
The hoards of darkness now disband!
We pray for those who fear to move
O Lord, let the Light in them now prove
The power of Love that makes men see
The Truth that set the captives free
O Goddess of Liberty raise thy torch
In this land where evil would thwart
The plan of God for the age of gold
O Powers of Light our Victory hold

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