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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:59 AM | | | | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

Do You Like This Story?

The prime minster of Malaysia had challenged the opposition political parties and the citizens by alleging that they do not have the guts.
“If you have guts, then fight us during the election and not this way. Only those with no guts will hold demonstrations," he had told the PPP's annual assembly.
Now that the citizens of Malaysia – real people without color and creed bars and going beyond politics and social class, who courageously and in the face of great risks inflicted upon them (including one death!) have demonstrated that they want justice in governance as enshrined and guaranteed by the Constitution, why don’t you Mr. Prime Minister, do the following:

First cut all the crap and window-dressing walkabouts to paint a plastic lily of yourself.
Second, send out a letter to all your civil servants that in future they are free to decide for themselves if they want to participate in rallies and peace walks and that the government will not be policing them quietly.
Third, command the police to provide maximum security and protection to all civilians who partake in a rally calling for democratic governance.
And fourth, call for general elections immediately.
If you can do all of the four as mentioned above, we will say “You have guts”.
Double crap
So prime minister of Malaysia, will you? Or can you? Or will you continue with the same crap you are dishing out on the double lately?
Please stop wasting public money with all your smokescreen PR and window dressing people-relations exercise. Listen to the conscience of your rakyat. That is the mark of a blue-chip leader - not having an entourage of ‘yes sir’ beggar-politicians enveloping you as you take each step to Malaysia’s doom.
But if you are dead beat in believing that the entire nation is backing you all the way as you are made to believe by all those eating out from your hands and pockets, fine, so be it. But when the day of reckoning comes not only will you fall but your entire team of hoodlum politicians will be made to return every single sen they looted from the people and the rulers of this nation.
But then again we are talking about playing the game on an even turf with gentlemanly rules. Sigh! That is where the real problem is. That is why many soothsayers are warning you that “Egypt is coming to Malaysia.”
But then again your handsomely paid and generously rewarded advisors are whispering into your ears that “this is Malaysia Datuk Seri. Our police are different. Do not worry. Malaysians semua bodoh, bolih beli-lah.”
And they will line up a million people – all civil servants compelled to attend, and you will smile ear to ear and end up also believing that the opposition parties are the ones causing so much of dissention.
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye
Poor thing. What our silver-spoon leader does not know is that the opposition parties are riding on citizens’ demands and determination. Not using the citizens to achieve their ends. The citizens who feel betrayed by all the antics of your entourage are using the opposition leadership to reinstate a democratic society built on respect and trust and not suspicion and ill will spund around race and religious divide.
Why is it so difficult for you – an ex-Johanian to understand? Did the Brother Director fail so miserably?
You see Mr Prime Minster, you have not even got over the C4 incident; the immigration ‘Houdini’ feat; the French kickback story – just to recap a few. And now you are hell bent in persecuting your own citizens.
Do you think people will take it all lying down all the time? Even a dog when cornered bites. What more people Sir?
You see Mr Leader of 1Malaysia – the day is just round the bend when even your policemen and policewomen are going to lay down their arms to join their fellow Malaysians in their undying quest for a better nation for all Malaysians and their King. You see you underestimate the fact that these men and women in blue have children and wives and brothers and sisters and parents who are seeing a different picture for Malaysia. They have outlived the Mahathrism era Sir, do you hear?
If you still do not get it, we know why. You are blinded by the disease called ‘The emperor and his clothes’.
So long Mr Najib. Meanwhile please personally read all the world news clips in so many countries these few days. Of course do not ask your officers to do it for you. Just, you do it.  And the truth will finally dawn upon you too – that damage control is too late too little.

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