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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sulaiman Kamal | 9:24 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Barisan top leadership must make a hard choice. It must decide to support Utusan's call to punish Bersih (and the newspaper's long list of controversial views) or to take side with moderation and to allow democracy to grow and flourish.
It must decide if it should continue to share the same podium with Perkasa or to walk with the moderate masses.

It must decide to support and promote the rule of law or to continue manipulating the instruments of power for its own political end.
It must make a hard choice to embrace change or to be made irrelevant by it and become a mere footnote of history.
The list of issues and controversies is getting longer for the coalition. Despite whatever the pundits believe, the coalition is losing more goodwill than winning more supporters and fence sitters to its side.
It is time for the coalition to take a pause and measure its own level of goodwill. It does not take forever for the reservoir dry up.
It makes no sense for the coalition to continue treating those with dissenting voices and views as enemies.
No modern government can survive without the popular support of its people unless it decides to rule by force and iron-fisted.
It is best for Barisan leaders to stay humble and practical. They should not continue to believe that Barisan would rule this country perpetually.
By allowing the hawks to dictate the coalition's direction is only going lead it towards swifter destruction.
Barisan leaders need to conduct serious self-introspection. It can continue to act tough, as preached by Utusan, to win a some hardcore votes or act tough and lose thousands of middle ground.
It is a hard choice the coalition must make and make it quick!

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