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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boys pretend to be possessed to rape girls

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:29 AM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Four boys who pretended to be possessed by gods in order to trick a teenage girl into perfoming sex acts on them have been charged in court.
The victim, who was 14 years old then, was told she would receive divine punishment if she did not carry out the wishes of the alleged attackers, reported The Straits Times.
One of the attackers was only 12 at that time.

The victim was also raped by the ringleader who came up with the scheme after he was inspired by seeing worshippers at a Chinese temple becoming 'possessed'.
The boy, who is a school dropout, attacked her on a staircase landing. He told her the 'Chinese God of Hell' wanted to have sex with her and would kill all her friends if she refused.
The alleged attacker, who was then 14, came up with the plan to trick the girl in February 2008.
He also suggested to his accomplices that they convince her to do their bidding as a punshiment after she rejected one of the group.
They pretended to be possessed and allegedly tricked her into performing the acts.
On a separate occasion, the ringleader used joss sticks to burn off a tattoo on an accomplice's finger to prove he was really possessed by spirits.
He also raped his girlfriend, who was best friends with the other victim.
The attack was carried out on a mattress in the ringleaders' bedroom and in front of the group.
The alleged accomplices followed suit when he started jumping around and rocking his chair.
He asked both girls to strip and grabbed hold of his then 15-year-old girlfriend. He told her to do as she was told or the Chinese gods would harm her.
She removed her clothes. The accused also removed his and demanded that she perform a sex act on him. He then raped her.
Although three years have past, the two girls still cannot get over the trauma caused by the incident, says a Shin Min report.
He has pleaded guilty to two charges of rape and two of sexual assault. Eight other charges will also be taken into consideration when he is sentenced, reported The Straits Times.
The youngest attacker has been given probation by the Juvenile Court as he is now 16. Two other alleged accomplices, who were then 14 and 15, have not been dealt with.
According to The Straits Times, the younger victim, who is now 18, has sought professional help for post-traumatic stress disorder.
Defence lawyer Josephus Tan, who has taken over the case pro bono, applied for the hearing to be adjourned till Sept 9 so that he can send the accused for a full assessment at the Institute of Mental Health.

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