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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inside WikiLeaks

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:19 AM | Best Blogger Tips

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THIS book (Published by Jonathan Cape) gives us an inside look at WikiLeaks from the viewpoint of Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a founder and spokesman of WikiLeaks, as told to Tina Klopp. It covers the idealistic intentions of starting this website and how things became messy with internal ­squabbling.
Even Julian Assange, the brains behind WikiLeaks, being accused of rape is mentioned and Domscheit-Berg offers his own views on that matter. Much of the book focuses on Domscheit-Berg’s relationship with Assange.

WikiLeaks began as a site to expose the wrong-doings of government and big businesses. Soon it was called the most dangerous website in the world. Pretty soon, those whose dirty secrets were exposed were gunning for Assange. Thus ­began Assange’s paranoia that everybody including Donscheit-Berg, was out to get him.
Assange’s erratic behaviour took its toll on those around him and ­Domscheit-Berg found himself on the receiving end of much of Assange’s ­anger. Since this book is Domscheit-Berg’s view of their falling out, we will give the guy the benefit of the doubt.
Assange, as the author puts it, can be charismatic when he wants to be and vindictive when it suits him. He is capable of selling an expensive phone given to him as a gift one minute and yet give it away free to someone else the next.
Assange is also depicted as a person who takes advantage of those enamoured by his ­notoriety and uses them to his own advantage. But Assange still remains an enigma.
Why Domscheit-Berg put up with Assange’s nonsense for as long as he did remains a mystery.

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