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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London riots: Malaysian student injured

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:38 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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London riots: Malaysian student injured

PETALING JAYA - A 20-year-old Malaysian student who was on his way to buy food to break his fast was attacked by rioters in Barking East, London.

Wounded and bleeding on the street, he was later robbed by another gang.
The robbery on Mohd Asyraf Raziq Rosli which took place at 7pm London time (3am Malaysian time) yesterday was recorded by someone and later uploaded on YouTube.
Through the YouTube posting, the attack on Mohd Asyraf was highlighted in the BBC World News and newspapers like The Sun and The Telegraph.

The 75-second video showed the first-year Kaplan University student, who was bleeding in the mouth, being robbed by a group of men who had initially pretended to help him.

The Sun described the incident as “riot yob mug injured child” while Internet users have branded the group of men seen in the video as scums.
The Telegraph described the clip as being filmed from “somewhere above and looks down onto an unknown street apparently in London where gangs are roaming the streets”.
London Umno Club president Dzuhair Hanafiah, who identified the victim, said Mohd Asyraf was walking with his friends to buy food when they were confronted by a group of gangsters.
“His friends managed to escape but he was attacked.
“He is now being treated at Royal London Hospital for a broken jaw and disjointed teeth,” he said when contacted yesterday.
The victim lost his mobile phone and wallet during the incident.
Dzuhair said efforts were being taken by the Malaysian Student Department and London Umno Club to evacuate students from the affected area.
“It was a very dangerous area even before the rioting started,” he noted.
Mohd Asyraf's mother Maznah Abu Mansor, 47, said she was informed by Mara officers about her son's attack.
“I was initially very worried but I'm glad that he is all right. However, I am not able to talk to him because of his injuries,” she said.
She added that she would appeal to Mara for financial support to visit her son who is to be operated on today.
“I also hope Mara can bring home the remaining students,” said Maznah.
Malaysian High Commissioner to Britain Datuk Zakaria Sulong said an officer has been dispatched to help the victim.
“We will know what we can do to help the victim after meeting him,” he said.

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