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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

M'sians have no driving skills, says don

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:29 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian motorists only have the know-how to pass their driver's test but not the skills to drive, said public transportation expert Prof Dr Abdul Rahim Nor.
"The driving licence does not stand as testimony to their driving skills.
"As soon as they get their licence, they start driving.
"They are really not fit enough to drive and just end up a nuisance on the roads," said Prof Abdul Rahim, who is also Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia's Social, Development and Environmental Studies School head.

He said the only way to overcome such incompetence was by revising the country's driving school syllabus to produce motorists who not only knew how to drive, but to do so properly.
"Many are not yet ready to drive because they are not even aware if they have the right attitude to be on the road.
"They are totally oblivious to the dangers. They feel safe and escape from accidents because other road users sympathise and give them way despite them breaking many rules on the road," he said.
Accident statistics showed that the number of road accidents had increased by 4%, from 397,330 in 2009 to 414,421 last year despite the many reminders to motorists to drive carefully.
The number of casualties has also increased within the same period from 6,745 deaths to 6,872, which meant an average of 17 people died on the roads each day.
Prof Abdul Rahim said this average figure had not changed much over the last five years, adding that the fatality rate was considered high for a country with 28 million people.
He said Malaysia should emulate some developed nations in Europe, where it could take up to four years for motorists to receive their full-fledged driver's licence.
"In Malaysia, one can earn a full licence within months and start driving using the 'P' licence for two years. Nowadays, I hardly see the 'P' stickers on vehicles.
"If they cannot even adhere to the 'P' regulation, then it is not surprising why the country records high accident statistics," he said.
Although the cause of road accidents have often been attributed to carelessness, speeding, reckless driving and taking dangerous risks, compounding the problem is that there are more than one million new vehicles on the roads every year.
Prof Abdul Rahim said an effective way of reducing road casualties was by encouraging the use of public transport, which had a better safety record.
Last year, there were 77 deaths among those using public transport while motorists and their passengers recorded 1,421 fatalities.
There were 4,036 deaths among motorcyclists and their pillion riders.
"Motorcyclists and pillion riders should use public transport since they represent the high risk group, especially during the balik kampung rush," he said.

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