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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our last chance to make the change

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:46 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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What we do not need in this country are politicians. We don’t need the politicking. We do not need them to politicise their fears, their failures and their unending excuses. We do not need them to scare us or try to divide the people. What we need are people willing to serve the nation, serve the people and do their jobs sincerely as government servants.
Politicians spend too much talking. They are constantly in a state of denial, giving excuses for everything that they didn’t do. They keep telling us that they need more time to implement changes, which they never started in the first place. Malaysia is on auto pilot while the politicians are bickering among themselves, finding faults with each other and with the Opposition.

Malaysia is actually a very peaceful nation. Malaysians have learnt to survive and live peacefully amongst each other. The respect the races have for each other is so special that Politicians are panicking they won’t be able to convince the people of their imaginary threat.
Politicians don’t want us to think that this country is peaceful. They want us to believe that the country is under siege internally and externally as well.
Coalition of big brothers
To keep the peace, they want Malaysians to continue voting for them, or else there will be endless chaos. All the race-based parties in BN boast of themselves as Big Brothers capable of negotiating a peace pact among the volatile races, ever ready to go on a blood letting massacre as BN will not guarantee that they can hold back their own people, unless they can get their much needed mandate to rule.
Losing their two-thirds majority for the first time has shattered their dreamy state, and now they are forced to face the reality of a two-party rule. Instead of making amends, they continue to make sinister warnings, continue to sow hatred and continue to tear the races apart. In doing so they think that Malaysians will crawl back to them begging forgiveness.
They keep asking us to give them their votes, promising us heaven or hell if we don’t. But once they have our mandate they conveniently forget their promises until the next election.
If they suspect that we intend to dump them, they will threaten us and scare us with fairy tale scenarios of civil war, communist takeovers, threats against Malay supremacy and threats against the Religion.
They use religion to pacify us, control us and ensure we do not get out of line. Pretending to be holy, religious and pious, they formulate laws according to religious edicts that will ensure no one dares to question their legibility. It has been going on for so long that no BN politician ever stops to question whether what they did is legal or not. Even our Federal Constitution has been amended 640 times, and that is really scary.
Bersih scared BN to death
The Bersih March was something new, that they couldn’t control and it scared them to death. The idea that people are tired of the masquerade and threatening to revolt has frightened them, and they do not know what to do.
Even after foolhardy attempts to break the will of the people by employing unnecessary force, they still try to hoodwink us into accepting the biometric system as an electoral reform by shafting it down our throats.
Until today they have not bothered to try and convince us why they have reservations against the use of the indelible ink. Their feeble attempt so far has been met with even more suspicions.
They even bully us, lock us up and threaten our lives and our future if we do not comply with their requests. They have no reservation to haul us up, if anyone tries to rock the boat.
They are worried that they will lose their jobs without our support, so they try every trick in the book to secure our votes, even to the extent of cheating. Once they are in power, they start to encroach on the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative powers to ensure their Independence are shackled.
BN the bully
Former Deputy Sabah PKR Chief Daniel John Jambun wrote an appeal calling on the government to review their conduct saying; “Christians need to feel that they are first class citizens again on par with the Muslims, with full and unhindered rights to practice their religion. The “Allah” issue must be solved immediately, and not delayed as the governmen'st tactical manoeuvring for so long. Indecision is a decision and delayed justice is justice denied.”
But what is the point of appealing to the BN Government, and asking them to comply with our requests? It is also pointless for us to keep complaining about the sad state of affairs. We complain that Non Malays do not enjoy the 1st class citizenship enjoyed by the Bumiputras.
As long as Christians remain a minority, their rights will always be juggled around at the whims and fancies of the authorities, until a new government comes along who recognizes free democracy and the right to practise one’s own faith without fear or fervour.
Don't make the same mistake twice
If we are truly unhappy about the sad state of affairs, all we have to do is we make sure we won’t vote in the wrong person the next time round.
Come to think of it, there are still a few million eligible voters out there, which have not registered as voters. How many of us have actually gone out to convince them to register and vote? Meanwhile, the BN government is doing all it can to register illegal workers in the country with the biometric system, and to legalize many of them in Sabah and Sarawak. The BN government is getting ready for the election, while we are still complaining to the government to grant us more social freedoms.
Complaining is not going to solve the woes besetting this nation. Doing something about it makes all the difference. Once BN announces the next election, they know very well that they have a chance to regain their two-thirds majority in Parliament. Only a Tsunami can dislodge them then. This election will also be the last one for Malaysians to exact change. If we miss it, we can kiss our freedom goodbye because the BN will not make the same mistake twice.

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