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Friday, August 19, 2011

Perkasa: The saviour of the Malays

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:28 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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SATIRE Perkasa is right. Malays need help. We still got problems cannot solve. Until solved not wise to implement meritoclacy. Malays in this country is 60%, chinese only 25% and Indians 7%. The rest are bumiputras from east Malaysia and new citizens from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia etc.
We implore non Malays please understand. It’s true, we still weak, need more crutches until one day we can stand on two feet. Before government develop towns and cities. Non malays mostly stay cities and benefit from government. Also before, government help chinese businessmen, as cannot trust Malay entrepreunership, so today chinese in Malaysia many millioniares, even top five richest in Malaysia is Chinese!!

Also, Indians today many doctors, lawyers, enginerrs, scientists, and Ananda is also top billionaire. So Indians are better off than Malays. That’s why Malays have Perkasa to champion Malay rights. No believe? Go to see Kampung outside KL, many many poor Malays, hardly can eat, some only 1 meal per day. But all is not lost. Today we also have many towering Malays, like Tajuddin Ramli, wonder boy billionaire- a pride of the Malays. Daim Zainuddin also another towering alay. Khir Toyo too from dentist to Chief Minister are good example of Malaysia Bolih.
Many Malays try emulate this towering Malays because they so famous. That’s why NEP so good for Malaysia. Everyone gains and no one lose. Today NEM is also good government new policy.
Syed Hassan, another champion of Malays also very intelligent man, and make good assistant to Ibrahim Ali. He understand Malay problem, just like Najib, our beloved Prime Minister. Najib is so intellighent, that’s why he is Prima Minister.
Chinese and Indian, must understand and please no try to question status quo. If all Malay strong like Chinese or Indian, no more problem and no more ‘mediocrity’ as what Najib say. then we can implement ‘meritoclacy’, so every gain.
Malaysia government always help everyone, but Malays still left behind after trying so hard to improve they economic standard. Maybe, Malays too many children, and less salary or opportunity like Chinese or indian. Once again, please try to understand, for we mean no misunderstanding with chinese or indian. Today, many malays in civil servis, becoz difficult for Malays to find jobs in cities.
Many chinese and indian business, try to conceal business secrets so Malays cannot get promotion, after working many years for low salary. For me too, also reject by Utusan and Bernama, becoz my Malay no better than English. At least government help Malays to get jobs in civil servis and army forces. But mebbe salary too low, so chinese and malay no interest in civil servis.
Government, try many times to encourage Non Malays to join civil servis but not succeed.
So it is good Perkasa come out in support of Najib to say cannot implement meritoclacy yet!
“The majority race is still backward. If we give the minority an advantage, even if it is through meritocracy if we do not think of the majority that needs protection and handicaps, then it will be problematic for the country. It’ll be unstable because Malaysia is different from other countries. Malaysia is different from Thailand. Malaysia is different from the Philippines. Malaysia is different from Iran. With countries that have one race, because our country has many races . The majority is still backward,” Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali said.
It is also very hurtful of the new media to imply that Syed Hassan wanted the government to deny the non-Malays any advantage and to ensure that they were held back so as not to progress ahead of the Malays.
It is also good to know that our beloved Najib said the government’s “new system” was to use meritoclacy among Bumiputeras only and creating a more competitive environment within the community to enhance the Malay economy.
Najib’s words also come at good time, so near to general election that malays continue to be protected, so that all Malaysians have equal opportunity to progress. Also note that the Malays are no weak and lazy, as what Mahathir has proclaimed in the past, but we still slow and need to catching up. Strong malays like Syed Hassan is there to protect us. The fact that the Malays have to turn to Khristian organisations for help in the past show that we must face the fact, we still weak and need help.
Lately, we hear Home Ministry Hishamuddin say that 2.04 million ekonomik migrants has registered with biosystem. Government help them to work legally at expense of Malaysians. So Malays must work harder to get better pay than foreign worker. Government must make more jobs in rural areas for malays to get good jobs. If not foreign worker will take all our jobs. Many malay migrate from village to city to look for job, but hard to find and not good salary, becoz foreign worker can work low pay, so how to get good job, if not have good skill?
I hope ffrom this artikel that Non Malays forgive government for not implementing meritoclacy, free eckonomi and keep bumiputra status so that bumiputras can keep up with the better off non Malays. Very much thank you for reading. Hidup Najib!!! Hidup 1Malaysia!!!

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