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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Politics of deceits and lies & why we need first world politicians

Sulaiman Kamal | 6:08 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Malaysians must be careful with the growing deceits, lies and dangerous allegations and unscrupulous practices in our local politics.

The government must be careful too in reacting to these allegations. The normal respond of responding harshly to those who are seen as "outsiders" or opposition symphatizer may not help the government cause to act fairly and just.
Something must be done to check on Utusan Malaysia's editorials. Their editors have a wild of side of writing based on hearsay or pure allegations. Utusan's current editorial stand is giving the government controlled media channels a bad name.

Recently, an Utusan Malaysia editor said yesterday that Muslim primary schoolchildren are being taught about Jesus by Christian youths aiming to convert them, which is illegal under Malaysian law.

Zaini Hassan, assistant chief editor at the Umno-owned daily, had written in his column that poor Malay children living in squatters along Jalan Klang Lama were singing, “Yes, I know Jesus loves me” and reciting the story of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, in their primary school.

He said that an Indian teacher from the school, known only as Cikgu S, had informed him Malay children were being given free English classes by young Christian evangelists every Sunday.

Zaini should do better than just assuming the event did actually happen. If the informant is authentic and real, he should reveal his identity and offer himself as a witness. Who is Cikgu S? Is he another Datuk T in the making?

As a responsible newspaper, Utusan's stand and editorials on many issues are worrying. Not many of them are contributing towards the society's common good.

Similarly, we demand a stop to political lies and deceits such as allegations against PSM6 who had been linked to communism, Bersih's Ambiga receiving foreign funding, DAP anti-Islam claims and so forth.

Lies and deceits against Barisan leaders must stop too e.g. unsubstantiated attacks on PM Najib and his wife, Jais raid, mud slinging using religion and race etc.

Another victim, Minister of Tourism Dr Ng Yen Yen is finally getting her public apology from advertising director Austen Victor Lauw Zecha over the latter's claim that Ng had demanded commission for the "Malaysia Truly Asia" campaign deal worth hundreds of million.

Under the settlement, Zecha, 71, has agreed to read out a statement of apology over the matter in open court.

Zecha also consented to publishing the statement of apology in a prominent Chinese daily – Sin Chew Daily or Nanyang Siang Pau – within 48 hours of it being read in court.

He also agreed to read out the statement in the Business FM 89.9’s Current Affairs radio programme within a week after it was read out in court.

Zecha will also pay an undisclosed sum in damages to Dr Ng. This case may not be politically driven but the Minister's credibility had taken a beating soon after the allegation was made and politicized. It is doubtful is the apology may be enough to repair the damage.

It is pertinent for politicians and their supporters to realize that using deceits and lies to win power is going to drag this multiracial country into irreversible division and destruction.

They should compete on providing good policies and governance to the people. Our national interests and goodwill should take precedence over petty and dangerous politicking.

We should demand for first world politicians and not just winnable candidates.

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