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Monday, August 15, 2011

Pregnant Daphne Iking insists on fasting

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:15 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Even though she's already in the third trimester of her pregnancy, Daphne Iking still observes fasting during this holy month of Ramadan.

"This is my first Ramadan as a Muslim," enthuses the top Malaysian TV host, who embraced Islam in December last year. "I have fasted before during the Ramadan in my Uni days - and, of course, during Lent.

"And similiar to Lent, it's not just about abstaining from food, (fasting for Catholics defer for each individual, but in general, unlike fasting for the Muslims, they are allowed one small & simple meal - usually it's breakfast or lunch) but also doing penance and to avoid unpleasant behavior such as lying, back-biting and cheating, while making extra effort to be kind and charitable, to fight against the ego, to perform extra acts of worship and to appreciate what we have and what others do not have."
But as an expectant mum, Daphne has been advised to take baby steps in upholding the third pillar of Islam.
"I was told that I am exempted from fasting as it can pose a health threat to my unborn child and I. Nonetheless, I have read that it is not a complete no," she argues.
"So I alternate my days for fasting. Although my husband is getting a bit concerned and tells me I can ganti balik (fast in other months) and should not fast at all."

Fasting aside, the Bella host is also learning how to pray and read the Quran.

"I've set a few personal spiritual goals for myself this holy month," Daphne declares. "Besides the 'expected', I have started memorising a few more Surahs and reading more on the Quran (in English translation). My friend Suhara is kind enough to e-mail me excerpts of a regular tazkirah (religious talk) that she attends -- and that's great because I use this as my 'daily spiritual reading material' for me to reflect on and to learn more about Islam."

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