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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riots: Meet the accuse

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Lifeguard, postman, hairdresser, teacher, millionaire's daughter, chef and schoolboy, 11

A MILLIONAIRE'S daughter and a teaching assistant landed in court on looting charges yesterday - along with jobless teens from sink estates.

A boy of 11 and people from a variety of professions were also facing justice over London's mayhem.
A total of 888 people have been arrested in connection with rioting and looting in London and 371 have been charged, Scotland Yard said.
Meanwhile, a father pleaded for calm after his son and two pals were mown down and killed by a car during a second night of rioting in Birmingham.
The teenage girl hauled into court for allegedly being part of a mob of 200 looters is the privileged daughter of millionaire parents.
LAURA JOHNSON, 19 - one of dozens to appear in court yesterday - is said to have been arrested behind the wheel of a car filled with stolen electrical goods, cigarettes and alcohol worth £5,500.
Police say she was driving away from shops in Charlton, South East London, ransacked by masked thugs from crime-ridden estates nearby.

But yesterday it was revealed Johnson lives with her company director parents in a £1million farmhouse in Orpington, Kent.
The three-storey home is set back behind security gates and has a tennis court and outbuildings.

Johnson was remanded in custody by Bexley magistrates after she denied stealing TV sets, a Blu-Ray player and mobile phones from Currys and Comet and cigarettes and alcohol from a BP garage.
Her dad Robert, 55, and mum Lindsay, 54, who run market research firms, refused to comment. Lindsay said: "We don't want to talk."
Privately-educated Johnson has two brothers. Neighbour David Turner said: "They are a nice, respectable family. They never caused any problems."
Johnson was arrested on Monday night with ALEXANDER ELLIOTT-JOAHILL, 18, and a 17-year-old. They allegedly had balaclavas and scarves to hide their faces from CCTV.
The youngest looter hauled before the London courts is a boy of 11 who grabbed a £50 waste bin from a trashed Debenhams store.
The lad, who cannot be named because of his age, admitted stealing the bin as yobs rampaged through Romford, Essex, on Monday night.

Prosecutor Steven Davis said: "Police saw him approach a window that had been smashed, lean in, take a waste bin and run off with it." When grabbed by officers the boy said: "I was taking it to pass on to someone else."
Highbury Youth Court was told the boy had been convicted of a separate offence only a week earlier.
His mum swore and yelled abuse as she left court. His dad is said to have been recently released from prison after serving time for theft.
The boy's grandfather described him as "a smashing lad". He added: "He just got involved. I blame all this Facebook and Twitter."
A rioter police caught red-handed looting a Croydon electrical store is a teaching assistant responsible for looking after problem children.
ALEX BAILEY, 31, who admitted burglary, works at a school in Stockwell motivating pupils with poor attendance records and emotional difficulties. Magistrates in Highbury heard Bailey had a previous conviction for criminal damage.
Bailey, like the vast majority of the looting suspects hauled before the courts, was remanded in custody pending either sentencing or a trial.
He lives with his Jehovah's Witness mum Andree in Battersea. Neighbour Hermine Caesar, 55, said: "This isn't in Alex's nature. A mum could not wish for a better son than him. He must have been caught up in the spur of the moment."
An 11-year-old girl charged with criminal damage in Nottingham has been given a referral order by JPs.
The youngster admitted the offence and a charge of attempted criminal damage this morning after attacking the windows of two shops on Tuesday night.
An aspiring social worker, who stole a TV during the riots, handed herself in after she was so guilt-racked she could not sleep.
NATASHA REID, 24, from Edmonton, North London, pleaded guilty to theft and entering with intent to steal at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court today.
She had been on her way to McDonald's in Enfield when she noticed a Comet store had been broken into — and went inside to grab a £300 JVC television.

The court worked through the night with prosecutors working 5pm to 9am shifts to process 100 accused.
STEVEN JONES, 18, from Grays, Essex, was due to appear at Basildon Magistrates' Court today charged with using social networking sites to incite violent disorder.
A 16-year-old from South Ockendon will appear at Southend Youth Court charged with the same offence.
NATHAN SINDEN, 27, was charged with egging on rioters in messages posted on Facebook. He was arrested yesterday on suspicion of inciting criminal damage and burglary.
Sinden, from St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, will appear at Hastings Magistrates' Court later today.
An 18-year-old man, also from St Leonards, was arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill. He has been freed on police bail until August 21.
A trainee hairdresser, 18, who stormed a clothes store in Bethnal Green was warned yesterday he would go to jail after breaching a previous suspended sentence for a racist public order offence. JACK ONSLOW, who admitted burglary, was found hiding in the shop.
Lifeguard AARON MULHOLLAND, 30, sobbed in the dock yesterday as a court was told he helped pillage a mobile phone shop in Camberwell.
The horrified mum of teenage twins remanded in custody yesterday for allegedly looting a Currys store said she thought they were at a local gym during the riots.
Linette Livingstone, 58, said she was stunned to learn sons ICHA and MICHA LIVINGSTONE, 19, had been arrested in Brixton.
She added: "They are good boys.They were just in the area but the police rounded everyone up and they're in prison. It will kill them."
A postman and his student nephew admitted stealing two laptops and a Blackberry after police caught them sitting in a car with their loot near ransacked Croydon electrical stores.

, 32, and JAMAL EBANKS, 18, refused to leave the car and had to be dragged out after officers smashed its windows.
An organic chef was yesterday accused of smashing up a branch of the Nando's chicken restaurant chain. FITZROY THOMAS, 43, and brother RONALD, 47, denied attacking the Clapham store.
Two looters caught with £1,500 of power tools in a trolley told police they did not care if they were stolen.
RICHARD MYLES-PALMER, 19, and JASON WHITE, 22, said to officers in Southwark: "We're taking them anyway." In London alone, 251 suspects have been charged with looting. Dozens have already appeared in court - and many have come up with ludicrous excuses.
JASON MATTHEWS, who was wrestled to the ground by police in a ransacked Tesco in East Dulwich, insisted he was merely trying to buy nappies for his baby.
Student DAVID ATTOH, 18, was one of the few accused to be freed - even though he admitted stealing two T-shirts. Magistrates accepted his tale that he found the shirts in a Hackney street.
Suspect DAVID BENJAMIN, 25, claimed he had stolen ski goggles to protect his eyes from flying glass in Ealing.
A teenager accused of attempted burglary used his Croydon court appearance to complain about his benefits.
AARON SAMUELS, 19, shouted at the judge: "I don't even get money for housing benefit."
An aspiring social worker stole a TV during the riots but could not sleep with the guilt so handed herself in.
A 17-year-old ballerina, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also appeared in court today charged with burglary.
In Manchester, two yobs involved in Tuesday night's rioting are already behind bars.

A Frank Gallagher lookalike was jailed for assaulting a policeman - after trying to gauge out an officer's eye with his fingers.
Low-life BERNARD MOORE - who has long hair and stubble just like the star of TV's Shameless - has been caged for 20 weeks just 24 hours after his arrest.
The 46-year-old, from Monsall, pleaded guilty to using threatening words or behaviour likely to cause alarm or distress and assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty.
District Judge Khalid Qureshi dismissed Moore's claims it was a reckless assault rather than intentional.
Local magistrates in Manchester sat through the night to process the huge numbers of individuals arrested during the rioting - as they did in London and the West Midlands.
Greater Manchester Police sent a message out on Twitter saying: "Swift justice. The first of many."
At least 15 people have been arrested across the UK after allegedly using social media sites to incite riots. Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry messenger were all used by rioters to communicate during the unrest.
A MAN mistakenly included in a police rogues gallery of rioters yesterday is really a hero who chased away looters. Karim Chaoui bravely defended his boss's jewellers in Crystal Palace.

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