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Saturday, August 27, 2011

‘Time to stop sloganeering’

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:41 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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What does liberty mean to the younger generation?
PETALING JAYA: To the younger generation of Malaysians today, their understanding of Merdeka revolves around the word “liberty” and their inalienable right to think, decide and enjoy their lives.
And here’s some thoughts of the younger generation on what liberty means to them.

Independence, sovereignty and freedom
Razinah Shaheed Ali, 24,
Being a post-Merdeka child, I did not experience the process of achieving Merdeka by our founding fathers, but I nonetheless grew up feeling a sense of belonging.
Merdeka to me means independence, sovereignty and freedom. It also means not taking things for granted. As such, we should always be prepared for any circumstances.
We should always know what we are doing and the effects of our actions.
We need to know and respect the fact that everyone has the right to the same independence and freedom achieved and aspired by our founding fathers
What we have here in Malaysia is something very important and we should preserve it at all cost.
Removing the conditioning
S Sangeetha, 23,
Hailing from a conservative family, I grew up with a lot of conditioning.
Hence, Merdeka to me would essentailly be growing out of this ‘conditioning’ and living in a new age not influenced by the expectation of others.
In terms of the nation, I believe it is time to stop sloganeering. When I think of Malaysia, I think of unity in diversity.
It should not be merely a catchy slogan giving the illusion that the different ethnic groups are united. Unity should be felt by each and every citizen in Malaysia.
Actions should speak louder than words and we should all put a stop to merely paying lip service to ‘unity’.
The day this truly happens, only then will ‘Merdeka’ have achieved its purpose.
Merdeka is freedom
Shalini Vuthayakumar, 25,
Merdeka to me is freedom. But having said that, I feel that when it comes to religion, we still have not achieved freedom. People are still biased.
I don’t understand how religion can be a ‘sinful’ issue, especially when it comes to marriage.
It is not the religion that is to be blamed but those who perceive religion as a problem.
It is every individual’s right to adopt and practise their own religious beliefs. People should have the right to religion.
Freedom and equality
Sreedevi Thiyagarajoo, 24,
Merdeka to me is independence, freedom and equality. To me it is the freedom to think and the right to excel. It is a veto to dominance of any kind.
Merdeka was given to us to think wisely and act with consideration. We must remember this.
Vishalini Gunasekaran, 26
Merdeka to me is independence. It is a gift handed to us by Tunku Abdul Rahman and other leaders with him. This gift has given us the freedom to ‘choose’.
It has given me the freedom to work and take care of my family. Merdeka has blessed me with the right to my own opinion and decisions.

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