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Friday, August 19, 2011

Woman gets lewd messages after job interview

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:05 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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She went for a job interview to become a childcare teacher - but ended up with an offer for sex instead.
The woman,who wanted to be known only as Zakia, 26, was on the receiving end of lewd text messages from an administrator of a childcare centre in Aljunied after she turned down the teaching job offer.
Miss Zakia, who has a three-year-old daughter, first met the 40-year-old man at the centre on Aug 3 for a one-to-one interview with him. The interview lasted five minutes.

The man SMSed Miss Zakia the next day to offer her the $900-a-month teaching job and free enrolment for her daughter while she remained an employee.
But she rejected it because she wanted a higher salary and that was when things turned ugly.
The administrator, who is married and has a six-month-old daughter, replied through SMS: "I can still help you on (a) personal level if you decide not to take up the offer."
Miss Zakia said he went on to send her a series of sleazy text messages over the next six days, asking her if she was "noti" (naughty) and messages that were more lewd involving adult toys.
When she did not respond, he called her several times and sent her more text messages.
Miss Zakia responded a few times to his messages.
She received more than 80 text messages from the man and eventually lodged a police report when he told her to meet him for sex at a hotel in Aljunied.
The police confirmed that a report was lodged against the administrator.
Miss Zakia told The New Paper: "It makes me very worried that someone who works at a childcare centre can do this.
"I don't know why he did this to me. I was dressed in office attire for the interview and we didn't even speak to each other for long.
His last text message to Miss Zakia came on Aug 9, when he said: "Happy N'tnal Day! Are you noti tonite? (sic)"
When The New Paper approached the administrator, he said: "I did it in the spur of moment. At that time, I was rash, repulsivea nd a bit lustful.
"I'm in the wrong. I'm terribly sorry. I'm wrong. I admit to my mistake.
"I won't do it again."
Waited at hotel
The man said he actually turned up at the hotel on Aug 8 and waited for Miss Zakia for 30 minutes before leaving.
He added that his wife is not aware of the incident.
He said: "This is not the first time that I interviewed a (potential) female (member of) staff. But this is the first time that I got into this mess."
For insulting the modesty of Miss Zakia, he could be jailed for up to one year, fined, or both.
Miss Zakia, who is divorced, said her boyfriend refused to speak to her for four days after he saw the lewd messages.
She said: "He got angry with me and thought I was up to some funny business. But he eventually realised I was telling the truth after I made the police report."
She added that she suffered sleepless nights out of fear for the safety of the children at his childcare centre.
"I really love being around kids because they are just so innocent," she said.
"It's not right for someone in his position to behave the way he did."

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