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Monday, September 5, 2011

Anwar and daughter Nuha deny Nibong Tebal speculation

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:07 PM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Top PKR leaders have confirmed as wishful speculation that Nurul Nuha, the second daughter of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, will take on PKR turncoat Tan Tee Beng for the Nibong tebal seat in Penang, come the 13th general election widely expected to take place soon.
"She has already rejected it before on personal reasons. I am sure Wan Azizah and Anwar will also reject. In fact, I think Anwar has already given a firm denial this morning," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

Indeed, Anwar said on his Twitter this morning that Nuha, a graphics designer, was not keen on the high-profile job. However, the rumours persist due in part to the likeability of the comely young lady, who is still in her twenties but already married.
Nuha is not as tall as her elder sister Izzah, who looks more like Anwar, she is fair-skinned like her mom, PKR president Wan Azizah.
The latest 'No' from the Anwars is likely to disappoint supporters of the family. Anwar is seen as being reluctant to expose more of his family to active politics unless they really pushed for it, like his eldest daughter Nurul Izzah, the Lembah Pantai MP, who like her dad was a natural for high-profile politics.
Izzah had been expected to lose to UMNO Women's chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil but the reed-slender guitar-playing mum shocked everyone, including her parents, with her victory.
"It will be the same with Nuha. If she is able to sort out her personal matters, and agrees to take on Nibong Tebal, Tan Tee Beng and the whole BN gang might as well pack and go home early," PKR stalwart Eddie Wong told Malaysia Chronicle.
"For sure, Nuha will win hands-down. It is a PKR seat to begin with and when Tee Beng defected, there were a lot of ill-feelings towards him. I understand Gerakan and UMNO have been sniffing around."
'For-pride' seat
During the PKR internal nominations for seats a month ago, Nuha's name had been proposed by several in the party. Penang Deputy Chief Minister and PKR chief Mansor Othman confirmed that the Nibong Tebal division had nominated Nuha as a potential candidate for the semi-urban mixed seat.
“Her name was raised one month ago. It is yet to be confirmed whether she is the final candidate. Everything will be announced before the general election,” Penang deputy chief minister Mansor Othman was quoted as telling China Press.
Mansor also said other leaders among the national leadership had also recommended Nuha for the task.
"This is a 'for-pride' seat that PKR must win and it should field the best and the most winnable candidate. We hope she reconsiders. Otherwise, there will be other talents who can take on the job even though they may not have the same fame," said Eddie.
Nibong Tebal consists of 43.60 percent Malays, 40.50 percent Chinese and 15.80 percent Indians.

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