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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pix of Queen's new grandson-in-law frolicking with temptress goes viral

Sulaiman Kamal | 6:44 PM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Crouch ... Mike Tindall bows head before blonde plants a kiss on it
This is the moment that England rugby captain Mike Tindall enjoyed a brief but intimate encounter with a blonde in a bar in New Zealand.
Tindall, 32 — who wed the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips six weeks ago — was caught on camera touching and embracing the beauty on a night out with team mates.
Footage of the incident appeared on YouTube and has been getting thousands of hits on Australian and New Zealand news websites.

In it, Tindall can be seen chatting to the girl at the bar and rubbing his hand all over her face before they both playfully clip each other round the back of the head.
She leans in to kiss him on the cheek after downing a shot.
Big day ... Mike Tindall weds bride Zara Phillips
They are later seen in another area of the bar wher they pause in a corridor and enjoy a kiss as they embrace. 
He then tilts his head forward and the woman leans in to kiss the top of it. It ends with her grabbing his hand and leading him off.
We told today how Tindall was dunked in a river in a bungee jump that came hours after The Sun first revealed his frolicking with the sexy temptress.
The muscular hero's twin jumps near his World Cup training camp in New Zealand yesterday came after he missed out on a team bungee outing on Monday.
The relaxed star removed his wedding ring for two breathtaking 140ft leaps as he took a break from England's gruelling World Cup campaign.
It came just hours after we told how he was spotted in a crowded local bar getting cosy with the mystery girl.
The muscular hero bared his torso for his twin jumps into the freezing waters near England's base in Queenstown — eagerly shedding his grey sweater.
One pal was heard joking: "Imagine the pictures — you with you wedding ring off AND your shirt!"
Ace Tindall first asked bungee organisers to dip his head into the waters of the Kawarau River.
And he enjoyed the experience so much that he scrambled up to the bridge for a second dive — this time plunging in up to his middle.
Each time he was hauled aboard a rubber dinghy and returned to the shore by its crew.
An onlooker said: "Mike was having the time of his life — he obviously has a clear conscience."
Newly-wed Zara, daughter of Princess Anne, leapt from the same bridge during a gap year in 2000.
The Sun told yesterday how Tindall encountered the gorgeous blonde fan as he visited a packed bar with a group of team-mates.

He and several England pals downed shots and wrestled with dwarves during a wild event teeming with women on Sunday night.
The lads were celebrating their 13-9 win over Argentina in Saturday's hard-fought World Cup opener.
Other players seen at the Queenstown bar included Dan Cole, Steve Thompson, Louis Deacon, Ben Foden, Shontayne Hape, Toby Flood, Tom Croft, Lewis Moody and Nick Easter.
A snap showed laughing Tindall bundling on top of team-mates Dylan Hartley and Chris Ashton.
But the Rugby Football Union played down the evening — insisting the captain and his team were just "relaxing after a tough match".
Meanwhile Zara, 30, will fly to New Zealand to support her husband later this month.
The champion equestrienne had missed his opening match because of a horse-riding competition.

The couple married in Scotland in July at a star-studded ceremony filled with England legends and senior Royals, including the Queen.
England's rugby stars have sampled a string of extreme sports since touching down in New Zealand.
On Monday several took time out for bungee-jumping, white-water rafting, jet-boating and a helicopter ride. They were back in training yesterday for Sunday's second Pool B clash with Georgia in Dunedin.
Tindall went bungee-jumping the following day.

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