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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prove to me my son is dead, pleads mum

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:19 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Police refused to release the results of the DNA test which may confirm if a piece of skull found in a field belonged to her 16-month-old missing son.

PUCHONG: A single mother was presented with a piece of skull which the police claimed belonged to her missing son, but she refused to believe that her 16-month-old son is dead.
Toh Hoi Chen, 25, a Johor Baru nightclub worker, had left her son with a babysitter in Kangkar Pulai on June 27.
Upon returning the following morning, Toh found that her son, Louis Liew Zi Qian, was missing. She immediately lodged a police report.

A week later, on July 5, police showed her the skull piece, claiming that it belonged to Liew. Officers told her that they found it in a field in Pekan Nanas, less than 20km away.
Refusing to accept their explanation, Toh took a DNA test on July 11 to determine if the piece of skull was indeed Liew’s.
The results of the DNA test have not been released to her and Toh has been having sleepless nights and the wait is torturing the single mother.
Speaking through a translator at a press conference at DAP Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo’s office, Toh said: “I don’t know (if this skull is my son’s). I can’t just accept any skull.”
Weeping throughout the press conference, a distressed Toh wanted to know why the police were witholding the results of the DNA test.
Babysitter charged with child abuse
It was also revealed that Liew’s babysitter was arrested over the missing boy and charged with child abuse and neglect.
Toh did not know that the babysitter was jailed eight years by Johor Baru Sessions Court.
“I’ve not seen (my) child’s body… just a piece of skull,” she said, adding that she needed to know the results of the DNA test before funeral services could be conducted for Liew.
Police allegedly told Toh that the babysitter kicked Toh’s son down a flight of stairs in a fit of rage, ending his life.
They then persuaded her to accept the piece of skull as her son’s, and informed her that they considered the matter closed.
Left with no other recourse, and shunned by local politians, Toh made the trip to Puchong to seek Gobind’s help.
“Why is it taking so long for the police to release the DNA report?” asked Gobind.
He said that his office had called Nusajaya Criminal Investigation Department chief ASP Abdul Halid Ludin, to get to the bottom of the matter but to no avail.
“We called the ASP, and all he told us was that the DNA report was not ready,” Gobind said, adding that Abdul Halid was very “reluctant” to answer any questions on the matter.
He said that the police’s reticence on preparing the report, as well as choosing not to inform Toh of the suspect’s court charge, made it “very distressing” for her family.

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