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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don’t you know right from wrong?

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:40 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Blood-drenched ... tyrant's captors mock him

OOMED Colonel Gaddafi gasped before he was shot in the head: "Don't you know right from wrong?"
The merciless dictator — who slaughtered thousands of his countrymen for defying him — also tried to claim he was protected under Islamic law, it emerged yesterday.
His desperate pleas after he was captured hiding wounded in a sewer pipe came as Libyan revolutionaries paraded the bloodied Mad Dog through his home city by dragging him along its dusty streets.
The tyrant — surrounded by baying crowds — is seen in gruesome mobile phone footage to lift his head and splutter: "What you're doing is wrong, guys. What you're doing is wrong."
As he continues to be hauled along and beaten, he wheezes: "What are you doing? It's haraam (forbidden). It's not allowed in Islamic law.
"Haraam! What you are doing is forbidden in Islam!"

The bloodthirsty mass murderer's last recorded words — as he fails to see the irony — are: "Don't you know right from wrong?"
A jubilant freedom fighter is then heard screaming: "God is great... God is great!"
The final thing Gaddafi appears to have heard before being killed by a bullet to the temple is a captor yelling at him: "Shut up, you dog!"
The gory footage shows a gun being put to his head — then cuts to his corpse stripped of its blood-drenched shirt.
Rebels roll the lifeless tyrant, 69, on to the pavement where blood pools from the back of his head.
Agony ... doomed Gaddafi screams for mercy
Agony ... doomed Gaddafi screams for mercy
The images of his grisly fate on Thursday continued to be flashed around the world yesterday — as Libya pledged to make public files on atrocities the crazed brute was responsible for abroad.
They included the Lockerbie jet bombing that killed 270 in 1988 — and the shooting dead of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, 25, outside Libya's London embassy in 1984.
Mahmud Nacua, 74 — Libya's new ambassador to Britain — pledged Yvonne's killers will be put in the dock. But he insisted: "They will face justice in Libya, not in Britain."
Last night the body of hated Gaddafi — who used Libya's oil riches to bankroll IRA bombings as he smuggled Semtex to the terrorists — lay in an old meat locker.
He was transported after his death to Misrata and put on show for cheering crowds in the rebel city his forces tried to wipe out.
Dazed ... Mad Dog puts hand to bloodied head
Dazed ... Mad Dog puts hand to bloodied head
The body of his son Muatassim, 37 — said to have been found skulking in the same drain as his dad — was in the chiller room next door. He too was captured alive — but was later shot in the neck and abdomen.
Libya's National Transitional Council remained unsure what to do with the pair — amid calls by Amnesty International for an independent war crimes probe into how the twisted dictator who ruled his country with an iron fist for 42 years met his end.
Russia also expressed disquiet. Yesterday Libya's acting PM Mahmoud Jibril continued to insist Gaddafi was killed in crossfire after being hauled from the drain.
He said a bullet hit the captive's arm as he was put on a truck — then another struck his head.
A doctor who examined the corpse further muddied the waters by saying a bullet to the gut was the fatal shot.
But he added as images showed gaping wounds to both temples: "There was another bullet that went in and out of his head."
Rupert Colville, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, was unconvinced by the official version of events.
Horror ... Gaddafi looks at blood on his hands
Horror ... Gaddafi looks at blood on his hands
He said: "The two cellphone videos that have emerged, one of him alive and one of him dead, taken together are very disturbing."
Gaddafi had crawled into the pipe under a road as Sirte became the last city to fall to a revolution that was on the verge of being crushed until Nato warplanes from Britain and France were sent in.
RAF Tornados were leading a reconnaissance mission when French jets swooped on the fugitive tyrant's fleeing convoy — which was then targeted by a missile from a US drone.
Yesterday there were claims Gaddafi slipped up by using a satellite phone — pinpointing his hideout to Nato intelligence in a city previously scoured in vain by UK special forces hunting for him.
But Nato insisted it had no idea he was in the convoy when it was attacked.

Reign ... Gaddafi's bloodied body lies on a mattress

Libya's interim leaders yesterday said Gaddafi would be buried with dignity and according to Islamic tradition. But that could be done in secret — deep in the desert.
Oil minister Ali Tarhouni said: "I told them to keep the body in the freezer for a few days — to make sure everyone knows he is dead."
Nato's top commander Admiral Jim Stavridis used Facebook to declare he was recommending an end to the six-month mission in Libya. It has cost Britain £300million.

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