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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Read, see and remember everything

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:29 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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any of us at some time in our lives would like to have a super memory. Only the gifted or the rare savant would be able to do this.
Little do most of us know that there are some people in this world who have been able to master the skill of exercising their brain and eyes to such an extent that they are able to remember everything they see, read or just glance at.
Just ask Ramon Campayo, the six-time world speed memory champion. According to documented evidence, he has also one of the highest IQs in the world – 194.He has also broken 60 world records in the past five years.
So naturally, he is a member of Mensa. If you read his book “Maximize Your Memory”, you will get a few tips from Campayo on how to solve some of those Mensa puzzles.

It is a technique that this man is willing to share with you. Many, many moons ago when I was sitting for my STPM, I was in a bind. There were so many facts and figures to remember.
Out of sheer desperation, I resorted to mnemonics. It is a technique to help a person remember data and other figures by visual construct as well as by auditory and kinesthetic or sensory detection means.
I didn’t really master the technique but I learned enough to scrape through the exam and not bring shame to my family.
Through the decades, there have been dozens of books of acquiring a super memory and speed reading. Campayo has deigned to teach individuals around the world who read his book, some of the techniques employed by himself and many people he has trained over the years.
Critical analysis
If you are a student, you will learn how to remember a whole library of facts. The memory technique is very useful for students who are desperate to remember as much as they are able to absorb.
However, having a good memory doesn’t mean you are super intelligent. It just means you can remember a lot of things. There are other things involved that make an individual stand out of a massive crowd.
One of these prerequisites of being a very smart person is being able to do a critical analysis of any given situation. In other words, you need to not only have the facts, but you must also be able to apply the things you know and come to a very logical conclusion with very little percentage of error.
Speed reading is one of the gateways towards becoming an unusually smart person. Ordinary people read at about 200 to 250 words per minute.
A person who is considered a fast reader can read about 800 to 1,200 words per minute. That means, that individual can read more books in a day than you can read in a week.
The consequence of being a speed reader and remembering most of the things you have read is storing more information in your head than most ordinary people.
If your knowledge is more extensive than others, then naturally after a while, you would know more. It goes with the territory, so to speak.
“Maximize Your Memory” is a book that can be read by any individual of any age. For any human being, there is nothing more empowering than strengthening your memory bank vault and extracting any fact by sheer willpower.
Big gains
Having a super memory will help to enhance your career prospects if you are already working. If you are still in school or college, the reservoir of facts you have dancing in your head will help you to breeze through your exams.
Whether or not, you will eventually become a very successful person or very rich is not guaranteed. Some of the cleverest people in the world are criminals. These people can also remember a lot of things too.
I wish I had read Ramon Campayo’s book when I was in my teens. I certainly would have found life easier then. Perhaps that wasn’t my lot.
Sometimes destiny wants a person to do it the natural way. That means you have to climb that mountain, walk that unbeaten path and carry a heavy yoke around your shoulders for a while.
That is how strong characters are made. But there’s no harm in learning some techniques that will make your life’s journey more interesting.
This is where Campayo comes in. I scanned, skimmed and raced through “Maximize Your Memory”, using the old techniques that I have learnt 20 years ago.
I have not forgotten everything but the little that I have mastered revealed that books such as this one is very useful. A lot of the memory techniques have been simplified by Campayo.
If you read this book diligently and carefully, there is a good chance something will rub off on you.
I won’t recommend it if you are thinking of becoming a millionaire in a year’s time. For that kind of ambition, there’s nothing like hardwork, careful planning, persistence and bulldog determination.
This book costs only RM29.90, so it is a very small investment for potentially big gains. Like everything else in life, if you want to hit the Motherlode, you will have to lay the groundwork.
“Maximise Your Memory” is like taking your first baby steps. Good luck.

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