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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where are all Gaddafi's women now?

Sulaiman Kamal | 6:27 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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They say 'woman' is fickle, but Gaddafi changes his women almost as often as he changes his outfits (many times a day according to his former nurses) - if reports of the high turnover in female security staff are anything to go by.
When his cards are down, where are his faithful female friends? Those Amazonian Guards said to take bullets for him and in service til death do them part with the Colonel. Out with the old, in with the new? Or maybe it a curious mixture of old, new and blood ties that last till his bitter end. It is hard to tell where female allegiances lie at this stage of Gaddafi's demise, since stories of betrayal are rife and mixed in with tales of steadfast loyalty.
Women for Gaddafi are today few and far between however. It is common knowledge that even his wife and daughter have abandoned him, for their own safety. Understandably so, given the precarious and highly unstable situation of their fugitive Boss/ Father/ Husband/ Leader.

Ukranian Nurse: Harem or Hospital care? The new ladies in Gaddafi's frame are a different set than the Amazonian Guards the world grew obsessed with. One Ukranian nurse from his retinue came out to talk of her time with Gaddafi or 'Daddy'. He never mistreated her or expected anything untoward in return for all the shopping bonuses he funded.
The Amazonian guard: What happened to the inner sanctum, the last defense? Long gone, the Amazonian Guard, who probably defected because rather than a gender-equality policy, their hire was more an aesthetic stunt, given that the Colonel liked to surround himself with beauty. Gaddafi and sons raped and abused them before discarding any women they grew 'bored' with.
The Jordanian Jewel: Daad Sharab, 'special' adviser to deposed Gaddafi for over 20 years of service, was detained by Libyan security forces from the start of the revolution, and freed by rebels who stormed prisons in Tripoli. She is probably not inclined to bestow further support or financial advice his way now, back from home-base, Amman.
Galyna Kolotnytska of the Gaddafi nursing brigade, refused to speak when she fled the regime, not to mention her patient, early Revolution. Still loyal during her flight home, she spoke of returning once her employer triumphed over the rebels. Now he's left with a shrunken Ukranian squad; a couple rumored to being forced to die by his side.
Hala Masrat: Though a die hard loyalist till the fall of Tripoli, she claimed upon capture that she'd been forced to present her fanatic pro-Gaddafi front - as transmitted through Libyan state TV. Up until the day of the Tripoli takeover by the NTC, she waved her trademark gun and said she would 'die or kill' that day.
Azeza Ibrahim: Die-hard loyal Lebanese lady no longer tows the Gaddafi line: Off duty now, this conservatively appareled woman once served with Gaddafi's Premier Guard. The former sentry has spoken on her Colonel service and the atrocities witnessed. Azeza does not strike the image of the sultry exotic guards we expect of his select security unit.
Condaleezza Rice: Gaddafi's leading lady. This former 'First Lady', previous US Secretary of State, means a whole album's worth to him... Who can compete with her 'African' leading edge, and added appeal as a woman sprung from his continent, says Gaddafi of his 'darling' Condaleezza Rice.
Aisha: His 'grandest' lady of all, daughter, Aisha. His most loyal 'babe' is the baby girl his Aisha delivered dramatically during the intrigue of her escape, at the borders of Algeria.
'Nemedia' was her code name, and spying was indeed her game. The 24 year-old accomplice to NATO & the NTC was Libyan femme fatale who operated using Gaddafi's Achilles heel- his love of women. Under the cloak of conservative Libyan niqab, the engineer infiltrated the elite troops of Gaddafi to discover military facilities and Gaddafi support.

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