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Monday, November 7, 2011

Ghosts having sex?

Sulaiman Kamal | 10:33 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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This incredible image could be the spooky proof that things really do go HUMP in the night.
The shot, taken by Dianne Carlisle's granddaughter, shows what appears to be ghosts having SEX in her front room.
Shocked Dianne, from Euclid, Ohio, US, said: "It shows ghosts having sex - in my living room.
"You can see they are having sex, you can see the ladies high-heeled shoes."
The supernatural snap of afterlife hanky panky shows a ghostly couple who appear to be having missionary-style sex.

A woman's leg and man's bottom can be made out in the saucy shot taken by four-year-old Kimora.
Dianne added: "I never seen anything like this. I mean, ghosts still have feelings? [They're] having sex?"
And it isn't the first time Dianne's home has been visited from the beyond.
The mum-of-three claims a little girl appeared before her and her daughter, De'Onna Burnett, several years ago.
De'Onna said of the visit: "It was just standing there watching me."
Dianne also says a mysterious figure appeared in a photograph she took of herself in a mirror.
She said she had been trying out a new hairstyle and snapped a picture of the back of her head, but when she looked at the image later she saw a spirit standing next to her.
But in the most shocking of her claims, Dianne says her dead sister has left a message on her voicemail.
Dianne said: "She said 'I love you'."

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