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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Girl, 15, Arrested After BEATING 35-Year-Old Pregnant Woman – Video

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:36 AM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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The 15-year-old girl caught on tape beating a woman she believed to be pregnant was arrested and charged with assault Tuesday.

The arrest stems from an extremely disturbing video that showed a verbal altercation between a group of teenagers and a 35-year-old woman turn violent.
Though police have said that the victim is not pregnant, she claimed she was during the fight, and the teenagers proceeded to aggressively beat her anyway.
The names of both the attacker and the victim have been released by police. The name of the 15-year-old will not be released by authorities because of her age.

The Toronto  Star reports that police have identified the other two girls who are shown kicking and hitting the woman while she lies on the ground, though they have not been charged with any crimes yet.

The fight occurred outside a Burger King in Toronto, Canada around midnight Saturday and was uploaded to the site WorldStarHipHop.com. Two Americans saw the video online Sunday and alerted Canadian authorities.
Given the voice that seems to come from behind the camera, a young man is taping the entire fight. He appears to be friends of the attackers and rather than stop the fight, he eggs them on and even positions himself in different spots so as to get better camera angles.
In the video, a group of women who appear to be in their teens are hurtling insults at a seemingly confused woman.
The aggressors call her a drug addict and drug fiend during the fight, though there are no actual drugs visible in the video.
The video was first posted under the title ‘Preggo Dope Fiend Gets Jumped By Hood Chicks in Toronto For Talkin Mess’ on the hip hop site, and later labelled ‘CrackHead Vs 3 girls’ when it was later posted to YouTube.
In the span of the recorded 2 minutes and 55 seconds, the women trade insults on a public side walk.
Witnesses pass by without interrupting when the fight is only verbal.
One of the young men in the raucous group approaches the woman from behind and throwing gum in her hair.
At points, the victim whistles loudly, as if to call attention to the scene, though she does not seem in a hurry to leave. She is perfectly able to walk away, and she does at one point, but then comes back to the instigators.
The fight turns physical when the woman swings a small jacket at the group of screaming girls, hitting a bottle leading it to break on the ground.
The woman tells the group- at a number of different points- that she is pregnant, though that does little to stop their taunts. One girl yells: ‘You’re pregnant and you’re trying to fight b***hes?!’
‘Why are you still here? You’re not even looking at me, you’re looking distant! Concentrate!’ one of the young girls taunts.
The girls proceed to hit the woman in the face, kicking her to the ground. When she hits the floor, she is in visible pain yet they continue to kick her in the head, back, and stomach.
The most vocal of the girls continues to yell at her, and spit in her face, as a female passer-by walks up to the victim to help her.
The relationship between the man who took the video and the World Street Hip Hop is unknown, but he makes a point to shout a plug for the site in the beginning of the video.

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