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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Polls panel official's house robbed

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:21 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Election Commission deputy secretary (elections) Datuk Noordin Che Ngah showing
 the window grille that was cut by the robbers to enter his
house in Taman Wilayah, Jinjang, yesterday.

Daughters locked in bathroom before robbers take gadgets, cash and car

ROBBERS broke into the house of an Election Commission senior officer and locked up his two daughters in a bathroom before ransacking the home and fleeing in his official car yesterday.
 Commission deputy secretary (elections) Datuk Noordin Che Ngah said he realised that a robbery had taken place only  when he woke up  at 5.30am and found his daughters, aged 15 and 28, locked in one of the bathrooms of their double-storey  house in Taman Wilayah, Jinjang, here.
 "I had woken up for subuh prayers and went to my daughters' room to wake them up,  too. However,  both of them were missing. I started searching for them."

 Noordin said he was clueless about the break-in until he found his daughters in the bathroom.

 "The robbers only ransacked my daughters' room and took four handphones, a laptop and some cash.  They also stole my official car,   a Proton Inspira, after finding its key in the house.

 "I am just thankful that my daughters were not harmed."

 Sentul district police chief Assistant Commissioner Zakaria Pagan said initial investigations revealed that the robbers had entered the  house by cutting  the front window's grille.

 "The robbery took place between 4.30am and 5am, when three robbers entered the house and went to the victims' room on the second floor.

 "One robber pointed a knife at the girls, ordered them to go into the bathroom and locked them in."

 Zakaria said investigations, which were assisted by the forensic unit, also revealed that the incident was not related to Noordin's position with the commission.

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