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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dag drags son naked through streets

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:05 PM | | Best Blogger Tips


Shocking and cruel

A furious father in China pulled his son out of a cyber cafe by his hair, stripped him naked and dragged him home by his feet after the game-addicted teenager disobeyed a computer ban.

Lu Tan, 39, said he had warned son Xiaomeng, 14, dozens of times not to play computer games, adding: "I chucked the computer in the bin because he spent all his time in his room doing no work - but then when I came home from work I found he had gone to the internet cafe."

He stormed into the cafe at Hechi city, in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, in southern China and dragged his son out in front of his friends.
Lu Tan dragging his naked son Xiaomeng through the street as punishment for disobeying a computer ban
Lu Tan dragging his naked son Xiaomeng through the street as punishment for disobeying a computer ban
One eyewitness said: "He began to beat the boy, who was calling for mercy, but he said he wanted to show everyone how worthless the boy was and dragged him home after stripping him and tying up his hands."
"Someone called the police but they did not intervene - the man said the boy had stolen money to go net surfing."
Tan told police: "Xiaomeng's mother passed away when he was only 9 months old. I have brought him up. I worked hard to support the family. "
"My hope of my son is not great but I want him to live in the real world, to be a real person."
"I have told him surfing the web is a bad thing many times but he never listened. I beat him because I don't want him to be ruined by the web."

Ulama, akademik kata Anwar tak perlu sumpah

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:24 AM | Best Blogger Tips

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim digesa agar tidak melayan tuntutan sumpah balas berhubung isu video seks yang dikaitkan dengan dirinya.

'Hukum Qazaf dan Sumpah Menurut Syari'ah, ABIM seminarMenurut ahli akademik Prof Dr Ashraf Md Hashim (tengah) gesaannya itu bertujuan mendidik masyarakat khususnya umat Islam berhubung isu bersumpah laknat yang berulang-kali berlaku di kalangan masyarakat

"(Pertama) kalau ikut syara' tidak perlu (bersumpah) dan ia tidak dituntut oleh syara' kerana dalam (jenayah) hudud, tidak ada sumpah.

"Tapi kalau nak sumpah juga, itu bukan syariat yang tuntut. Bagi saya, masyarakat kena didik juga, kalau bersumpah jugak nanti lepas ini orang macam tu (bersumpah) jugak.

"Sumpah, sumpah tak habis-habis. Masyarakat perlu dididik apa sebenarnya yang dituntut oleh syariat. Tapi kalau tidak dituntut oleh syariat, tak payah," katanya.

'Hukum Qazaf dan Sumpah Menurut Syari'ah, ABIM seminarTegas Dr Ashraf lagi gesaan itu juga ditujukan kepada parti politik tertentu supaya "keadaan yang memalukan" itu tidak mengaibkan masyarakat Islam.

"Kalau nak main politik, main cara lain lah. Kalau ini hal politik (terutama kepada) kedua-dua pihak," katanya yang juga mantan exco Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM).
Pada 29 April lalu, Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah - seorang anggota trio Datuk T - muncul di Masjid Amru Al-As, Bandar Baru Sentul bagi melakukan sumpah laknat.

Dengan memegang senaskhah Al-Quran beliau melafazkan kata-kata berikut:

NONE"A'uzubillahi minal syaitanirrajim. Bismillah irahman irrahim. (Mengucap 3 kali). Pada hari ini, 29 April 2011, dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang, saya Shazryl Eskay Abdullah berikrar dan bersumpah seperti berikut: A'uzubillahi minal syaitanirrajim, wallahi, wabillahi, watallahi, aku bersumpah bahawa aku dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berada dalam paparan video yang dirakamkan pada 21 Februari 2011. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim adalah pelaku dalam video tersebut. Sekiranya aku melakukan fitnah, maka Allah akan melaknat akanku."
Memulihkan moral

Beliau bersama bekas ketua menteri Melaka, Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik dan bekas bendahari Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA), Datuk Shuib Lazim bertanggungjawab menayangkan video seks kepada sekumpulan wartawan sebelum ini.

alleged four full sex videos on youtube 290411 17Pita video itu memapar seorang lelaki yang didakwa mirip ketua pembangkang yang juga ketua umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Mengulas ada cadangan supaya Anwar yang juga ketua pembangkang bersumpah mubahalah bagi "menjernihkan suasana" Ashraf berkata:

"Wallahua'lam. Mungkin jernihkan suasana sekali itu, lepas itu, si A (bersumpah), kemudian si B pulak"... tak habis-habis kita (bersumpah)".

Dr Ashraf yang juga penyelidik kanan di sebuah akademi kewangan mengulas pandangan seorang hadirin dalam diskusi 'Hukum Qazaf dan Sumpah Menurut Syari'ah' di Dewan Pembangunan Belia Islam Taman Cemerlang Gombak, petang semalam.

'Hukum Qazaf dan Sumpah Menurut Syari'ah, ABIM seminarDiskusi tersebut dianjurkan oleh Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) dan dihadiri kira-kira 70 orang.

Turut dijemput sebagai panel diskusi itu adalah tiga tokoh agama termasuk pengamal undang-undang iaitu Naib Presiden Wadah Pencerdasan Ummah (WADAH) Dr Abdul Halim El-Muhammady, wakil Persatuan Ulama Malaysia (PUM) Dr Mohd Fauzi Zakaria dan timbalan presiden Persatuan Peguam Syar'ie Malaysia (PPSM) Musa Awang.

Mengulas perkara yang sama, Musa (bersongkok) juga turut bersependapat dengan Ashraf bahawa Anwar yang juga ketua pembangkang tidak perlu bersumpah laknat seperti mana yang dituntut oleh pelbagai pihak.

'Hukum Qazaf dan Sumpah Menurut Syari'ah, ABIM seminar"Kadang-kadang saya berfikir Datuk Seri Anwar perlu bersumpah untuk memulihkan moral, sebab moralnya sudah tercalar, orang sudah tuduh dia (berzina)

"Tetapi melihat dari segi konsep bersumpah, ia tidak perlu dilayan. Sumpah tidak perlu dibuat.

"Ini kerana, sumpah pada asalnya sudah tidak betul. Kenapa perlu menjawab sumpah yang tidak betul. (Dengan) cara dan tempat (bersumpah) tidak betul," katanya.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Now Niat chief gets sex video

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:45 PM | Best Blogger Tips

He is sure it is not Anwar and has lodged a police report

PETALING JAYA: Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim, chairman of the National Interlok Action Team (Niat), has become the latest public figure to receive the controversial video promoted by three Anwar Ibrahim detractors calling themselves the Datuk T.
He got the pornographic DVD on Tuesday in a parcel mailed from Thailand by an anonymous sender.
Human Rights Party pro-tem secretary general P Uthayakumar and Kapar MP S Manikavasagam recently received theirs in a similar manner.
Thasleem lodged a police report at the Dang Wangi police station this morning and told FMT afterwards that he watched the video and was convinced that the man featured in it was not Anwar, as claimed by the Datuk Trio—former Malacca Chief Minister Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and ex-Perkasa treasurer Shuib Lazim.
He said he made the report in performance of his duty as “a responsible citizen”.
The DVD was wrapped in a menu card from an Iranian restaurant in Pattaya, he added.
“I watched the DVD three to four times. The actor features similar to Anwar’s, but I am definitely sure it is not him.”
Thasleem, who also heads various Muslim NGOs in Perak, criticised religious officials for keeping silent on the issue.
‘Why are the muftis and the Fatwa Council silent? Are they going to be selective in what they say and toe the government line?”
He said the religious authorities must give their opinions on the matter because it affected Malaysia’s image as a country whose official religion is Islam.
He said it puzzled him that he was targeted as a recipient of the video. “Perhaps they want me to campaign against or for Anwar, but I am not in the position to do either.”
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Anwar Ibrahim - why his enemies can't bring him down

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:22 AM | Best Blogger Tips

During my younger days, I never liked this shady character: Anwar Ibrahim. I thought he was a big ass. His stint with ABIM and his fiery calls for change, coupled with his religious leanings left many wondering whether this firebrand was suited to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.
When he was charged for Sodomy and convicted for Corruption, it reinforced my conviction that this man deserved his fate. I even bade him “Good Riddance.” But those were the days, where the MSM reigned supreme, without any alternative media or Electronic Media. So everyone, including me was duped as the government continued their relentless persecution of this man. Until today, the Government has not given up trying to seal his fate.
Thinking back, Anwar really does have superhero qualities. When he was in jail, his family believed that his life was in danger and that he might be poisoned or injected with AIDS. His dice with death is extraordinary, and the extra long tentacles of the government still have not managed to put a dent to his credibility.
His fame keeps growing, and the continuous headline reports about him only serve to inflate his image. And the mega onslaught on his character only reinforces the people’s belief that Anwar is more innocent than guilty.
Sieving through the current leadership pool of this country, only Anwar has passed the test of time. He is one leader among the many wannabes, who has the qualities and the capability to lead this country. No one else in this country comes close. There is something about him, which no other leaders possess. ‘Credibility’ is the word.
He has that cool, suave demeanour about him. He comes across as an intellectual, able to carry across his message in a clear, concise and consistent manner. He can bridge the racial divide and appears credible among all races. His confident approachable manner emanates a certain charisma unlike the dead-fish glaze of some others. Even in UMNO, he commands a high respect among his peers and many would not think twice to lend him support.
He not only looks intelligent but sounds smart as well. Anyone who has met him, or listened to him wowing the crowd, knows that this guy is somehow different from the rest. It is only natural that his enemies fear him. Even infatuated Lovers, female or male, Umi Hafilda or Saiful, may have had sexual fantasies about him.
But sadly, he has many good friends from the past, who cannot accept that he is somehow - as far as the public is concerned - a better human being than themselves. So from envy, friendship turned to jealousy and then to hate.
In the past, he was the Finance Minister and even a Prime Minister in waiting. He ascended to heights that many could only dream of. His superiors viewed him as a threat. Those beneath him couldn’t accept he was somewhat different. He led a varied life. Even nearly beaten to a pulp, living with a spinal injury, his life until today is still a living hell, being accused of the most heinous of sexual crimes. Twice for unnatural sex and lately being allegedly videoed in a sex act that involved oral and natural sex.
Unable to pin more credible charges against him, his enemies resorted to tarnishing his image through triple X renderings of sordid sex. Malaysians got a free sex education in the process, learning new and different ways and routes of being probed, which we never dreamt existed. But even that still failed to tarnish the image of this man. From DNA profiling where he was CSI’ed to mass DVD circulation in the country, he has managed to hold on to his 'face'.
And now, most ridiculous of all: A Lie Detector Test!! Even a kid can tell you that the Lie Detector is the most unreliable machine operating in this world today. Built by a Liar who tested it on himself and found that it actually worked. Today, Lie Detector results are not admissible in any court of law.
Not the Police, mind you, but his accusers the Datuk T trio are actually asking him to take a Lie Detector Test!
Fresh from a disgraceful Koran swearing ceremony, while wearing bullet proof vests that failed to make any impact, the Trio has resorted to asking Anwar to do a lie detector test. Isn't this TS trio supposed to be locked up for distributing pornography? (By the way TS stands for the Three Stooges.)
When, is the government going to learn that: Nobody really cares whether Anwar is found innocent or guilty. Malaysians will not lose their respect for him, unlike in the case of Dr Mahathir.
All the highly publicized accusations against him only serves to lend him more credibility, more sympathy, more respect and more fame. It is doing wonders to his bloated superhero image. Faith and hope on this man, is at an all time high. Even if he is convicted, most will not believe that he is guilty. Most people already know that Anwar will be convicted, by hook or by crook.
Most Malaysians are really not bothered if he’s guilty or not. He has not committed any serious crime worthy of conviction. Convicting him will only anger the people, and it will lead to more sympathy for the Pakatan Rakyat cause that he represents.
Either way, he has won the bet. He happens to be more believable than any of the BN leaders put together. So it will be folly to ask Malaysians to choose.

Pasangan khalwat tak sengaja serah diri

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:56 AM | Best Blogger Tips

Expert Guide To Rough Sex - Penny Fl
TANAH MERAH: Lain yang hendak diberkas, lain pula yang menyerah diri! Begitulah yang berlaku apabila serbuan Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Kelantan (JHEAIK) untuk memberkas isteri curang, tapi pasangan lain yang berada di rumah berhampiran pula keluar menyerah diri. 

Begitulah yang berlaku apabila serbuan dilakukan di sebuah rumah teres di Taman Pondok Hidayat, Kampung Chawah, di sini, kira-kira jam 11.30 malam kelmarin, untuk menahan seorang wanita yang didakwa membawa masuk lelaki ketika suaminya tiada di rumah.

Bagaimanapun, ketukan kuat oleh sepasukan penguat kuasa agama diketuai Roslee Ismail bersama tujuh anggota mengejutkan pasangan yang sedang berkhalwat di rumah berhampiran dan keluar menyerah diri.
JHEAIK yang tidak menduga kejadian itu terus menahan pasangan berkenaan selepas didapati mereka bukan muhrim dan penguat kuasa mendapati rumah sasaran mereka iaitu isteri yang dikatakan curang, tidak berpenghuni. 

Mengikut sumber, JHEAIK menerima maklumat berhubung perbuatan curang seorang wanita yang disyaki sering membawa pulang lelaki ke rumah sebaik suaminya melakukan urus niaga di luar Kelantan. 

Sebaik tiba, mereka mendapati suasana di sekitar rumah suspek utama, sunyi dan gelap menyebabkan Roslee terpaksa mengetuk pintu selama 10 minit sambil memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai anggota penguat kuasa agama. 

Ketika Roslee memberitahu untuk menghubungi pihak polis jika masih enggan bekerjasama, pasangan yang berada selang dua pintu daripada rumah itu keluar menyerah diri. 
Sementara itu, pegawai JHEAIK Tanah Merah, Nik Ahmad Zuhdi Nik Yaacob ketika dihubungi mengesahkan mengenai penangkapan itu. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

PMIUM: Hentikan Perdagangan Wanita

Sulaiman Kamal | 8:04 PM | Best Blogger Tips

Saperti yang anda ketahui. Malaysia akan menjadi sebuah negara pengeluar video lucah yang terbesar dan sebaris dengan negara negara pengeluar lain.Kerajaan B'end seolah olah telah memberi lampu hijau atau kelulusan untuk semua pengusaha pengusaha filem lucah untuk berbuat demikian.Tidak mustahil ia akan berlaku.

Najib dan ulamak ulamaknya tidak akan memperdulikan apa akibat dari pendidikan politik lucah yang terbuka sebeginilah yang menjadi punca kehancuran pemikiran anak bangsa.  Gambar-gambar aksi yang memperlihatkan tubuh badan wanita secara jelas ini memberi gambaran bahawa maruah wanita diletakkan di tempat yang paling rendah bahkan boleh dipijak-pijak.

Ulamak ulamak Najib akan terus berdiam diri seakan akan menjadi benggong serta tolol buat selama lamanya.Diman mufti mufti, dimana ahli ulamak ahli ulamak, dimana ustaz ustaz, diman ustazah ustazah yang hanya pandai berkata kata tapi semuanya hanya sekadar sendiwara.Semuanya sekadar menjaga periuk nasi sendiri.

Buka mata dan buka minda engko orang, lihat apa yang sedang berlaku dan akan berlaku.Jangan jadi bodoh dan dayus.Dayus kerana takut untuk menegakkan kebenaran.Bodoh kerana merelakan segala kemungkaran berlaku didepan mata.

Ignored by hubby, she escapes online

Sulaiman Kamal | 9:57 AM | | Best Blogger Tips

FOR hours daily, she was transfixed by the computer screen, watching steamy love scenes play out in front of her.

The 32-year-old Singaporean engineer was aware that she was hooked on pornography and tried to stop.

But she was unsuccessful and became compulsive towards porn when her marriage hit the rocks.

She is one of a handful of women suffering from porn addiction, whom senior consultant psychiatrist Associate Professor Munidasa Winslow has seen in the last three years. (See report below.)

On why women turn to porn, Prof Winslow said: "Porn is easier - you don't need to pay attention to being nice to each other. And you can do it anytime, anywhere.

"Also, it gives them a thrill and acts as a stress reliever."

Prof Winslow, who is now in private practice, previously headed the Addiction Medicine Department at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

He was also director of the Community Addictions Management Programme at IMH, providing professional case management in the treatment of addictions.

The BN will fall in the next General Election

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:53 AM | Best Blogger Tips

The BN will fall in the next General Election

The Malaysian General Election will be called soon. It will be in June or July this year, definitely before August. The latest indicator was the postponement of Mr Ling Liong Sik's trial to August 1st. The BN does not want that embarassing trial going on during the elections.
The BN has been engaged in a desperate battle to regain lost ground before calling the elections. But they are blunderers, and are increasingly out of touch with the common voter. The votes that they lost to the opposition in 2008, have stayed with the opposition.
As example, we can look at the Hulu Selangor constituency. The BN won it by 14,483 votes in 2004. They lost it by 198 votes in 2008 to PKR. They won it back in a by-election in 2010 but only by 1,725 votes. 14 thousand vote margins are a thing of the past. In 2011, they will lose it again.
Nor will BN win back Selangor. In fact, they may very well lose Tanjong Karang, Sabak Bernam and Pandan, all parliamentary seats which they won by fairly slim margins in 2008, as well as the related state seats.
The BN looks at Malaysians through race-tinted glasses and they have different strategies for different races.
For the Chinese, it is threats, as reflected by Najib's transparent blackmail attempt. Not voting for the MCA, he warned, will cost the Chinese representation in the Cabinet. He was assisted by the dubious Chua Soi Lek, who tried to pretend that the PM was merely stating a fact. No one, of course, was fooled.
The Malays are served up an unappetising fare of scandal and innuendo to try to get them to reject Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar and PAS are the key to the opposition Malay vote. So the BN applies the dual strategy of trying to destroy Anwar's character, while at the same time trying to win over PAS to their side. Both strategies have failed.
The MIC meanwhile is complacent enough to believe that it's the usual tactics of buying the rural Indian vote for pittances, will succeed. They have long given up on the urban Indians, who would be too embarassed to have anything to do with the MIC. It would turn them into the butt of jokes among their peers, if nothing else.
The MIC's strategy will not work this time, as the voters are more knowledgeable and the opposition is making headway into the estates. Even if the MIC succeeds, the Indian swing will be made irrelevant by the Chinese vote shift.
Sarawak, which the BN arrogantly called it's 'fixed deposit', has woken up. The BN will lose at least 10 parliamentary seats there.
Najib's 1Malaysia strategy is in tatters. It was a 2-faced strategy in any event, 1Malaysia for the non-Malays, 1Melayu for the Malays as promoted by Utusan and seconded by Mr.Muhyiddin, the Deputy Prime Minister. It crumbles under the weight of it's own contradictions.
They have nothing, they will lose, and Malaysia may finally be free. 

Apa Yang Lelaki Mahukan Daripada Girlfriend Mereka?

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:56 AM | Best Blogger Tips

Khas buat seorang kawan.......

Perempuan yang baru nak berjinak-jinak dalam dunia percintaan ni seringkali buntu tentang apa boyfriend diorang nak. Lelaki ni semua nak tunggu kahwin & dapat melakukan hubungan seks je ke, atau lebih daripada itu? Dari perspektif seorang lelaki, aku cuba bagi sedikit inputlah tentang apa yang korang boleh expect daripada boyfriend korang.


Hidup ini sunyi kalau takde teman. Jadi perkara pertama yang seseorang lelaki itu mahu dalam hubungan percintaan adalah menjadikan girlfriendnya sebagai teman. Maksudnya lelaki itu boleh meninggalkan rakan-rakannya demi kekasih hatinya pada bila-bila masa sahaja. Lebih baik kalau diorang boleh buat apa-apa sahaja bersama, contohnya pergi berjogging, pergi gym, pergi konsert, pergi tengok perlawanan bola, etc. Elemen ni paling penting dan boleh menjamin masa depan perhubungan tersebut sebab lelaki itu akan melihat kekasihnya bukan sahaja setakat kekasih, malahan sebagai kawan rapat.

Tempat Mengadu

Kena ingat bahawa lelaki ni manusia jugak, bukan robot. Lelaki ada perasaan dan emosi. Disebalik kegagahan diorang, ada kelembutan pada hati diorang. Akan datang suatu masa kegagahan dan kekuatan ini tumpas dan pada masa itulah sokongan daripada kekasih hati amatlah diperlukan.
Dalam proses untuk diorang membuka cerita dan mengadu, perempuan haruslah banyak bersabar dan sentiasa memberi dorongan yang positif kepada boyfriend korang. Ada yang mudah untuk menceritakan segalanya, ada yang amat susah. Ego sentiasa menjadi penghalang, namun kekasih yang baik sentiasa tahu macam mana untuk menumpaskan ego lelaki korang. Ingat ni, sekeras-keras lelaki, dalam hati diorang ada taman.

Teman berborak

Sebuah hubungan akan jadi lebih best kalau kita bebas berbincang tentang topik kegemaran kita bersama pasangan kita. Keserasian pada peringkat minda dan kebijaksanaan ni memang mengujakan. Cuba ambil tahu apa yang boyfriend korang suka dan cuba kasi pendapat tentang perkara tersebut apabila topik itu terlintas dalam perbualan harian korang. Tak perlulah terperinci sangat, asalkan ianya dapat menyemarakkan perbualan tu pun dah cukup.


Fakta yang semua orang perlu terima: kita kenal dan jatuh hati pada seseorang itu melalui rupa atau pada segi luaran, fizikal terlebih dahulu. Kita (lelaki dan perempuan) lihat paras rupa fizikal bakal pasangan kia, boleh terima selepas tu baru ambil tahu pasal yang lain. Ini adalah fitrah. Jangan tak terima atau menyangkal perkara ini.
Berbalik kepada point asal, lelaki suka berfantasi. Ya.. Ni aku tak tipu. Apa yang diorang buat dengan fantasi diorang tu, itu hal mereka. Tapi fakta di sini, lelaki suka berfantasi dan girlfriend mereka biasanya termasuk dalam fantasi mereka. Baguslah tu kan? Nak ke boyfriend korang fantasi pasal perempuan lain pulak? Fantasi adalah indah, tetapi realiti adalah sesuatu yang jauh bezanya daripada fantasi. Nak cerita pasal fantasi ni agak rumit sikit atas sebab dan sensitiviti tertentu. Cukup untuk aku bagi contoh, kalau boyfriend korang ni memang jenis yang tak minat perempuan yang tembam, jadi kena pandai-pandailah korang supaya tak menjadi tembam. Point dia kat sini cari apa yang dia suka kat korang dari segi fizikal dan elakkan daripada menjadi sesuatu yang sebaliknya.

Penasihat peribadi

Satu kesilapan besar perempuan, diorang ni kadang-kadang terima je bulat-bulat apa yang boyfriend diorang buat/plan. Contohnya:
Boyfriend: I nak buat something lah you.. bla bla bla.. bla.. bla.. (explain panjang-panjang) …
Cik awek: Oklah you. Suka hati you, I ikut ajer..
Teeett.. Salah macam tu. Kalau mamat tu dah cerita panjang lebar mestilah dia nak pendapat korang walaupun dia tak cakap dia nak pendapat korang, kecualilah kalau dia cakap dia suruh korang dengar je. Simple je sebenarnya. Lagi satu respon yang agak menjengkelkan ialah bila dah explain panjang-panjang macam tu, pihak perempuan balas cakap ‘ok’. Oh tidak! Benda ni selalu berlaku dalam SMS dan sememangnya annoying.
Lelaki suka rujuk sesuatu pada kekasih diorang untuk dapatkan input dan pandangan diorang. Kalau pandangan korang negatif, jangan takut untuk menyuarakannya . Takde salah dalam menyuarakan pendapat.
Harap dapat membantu kaum perempuan yang buntu diluar sana. kekeke..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

‘Sick and tired of sex episode’

Sulaiman Kamal | 9:26 PM | | Best Blogger Tips

All attempts by the Datuk T trio to tarnish Anwar Ibrahim has fallen flat and now they are enlisting the help of religion
PETALING JAYA: The people are sick and tired of the sex video scandal and the Datuk T trio’s attempt to link it to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.
And the latest move to get Anwar to undergo a polygraph test or take an oath in a mosque to prove his innocence is an attempt to keep the issue in the limelight.
PKR vice-president N Surendran said Anwar was right to reject the calls as his three accusers – Rahim Tamby Chik, Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Shuib Lazim – have tarnished reputations.
“Rahim was involved with a minor when he was the chief minister of Malacca, Eskay is a shoddy businessman and Shuib comes from Perkasa which, we all know, is a sworn enemy of Anwar,” said Surendran.
He said the attempt to tarnish Anwar’s public image has not worked as the people do not believe it was him who is featured in the video.
“In fact, the entire scandal had only served to fuel public anger against the Barisan Nasional (BN),” Surendran said.
Surendran, who is also a coordinator for Lawyers for Liberty, said the entire episode had failed to damage Anwar’s credibility as the accusers themselves had an image problem.
On the lie detector challenge, he said there was no basis for Anwar to take the polygraph test as it was not Anwar in the video in the first place.
“There are instances where people can beat the polygraph test. Besides, it is outrageous for Eskay to challenge Anwar to take the test. It’s just an attempt to sensationalise the matter to deflect public attention from the real issues of the nation,” he said
Image intact
Fellow PKR vice-president, Fuziah Salleh, concurred with Surendran’s statement, saying that Anwar’s image was undamaged as the latter had consulted prominent ulamas on whether or not to take an oath in a mosque to prove his innocence.
As for Eskay’s claim that he was there when the video was shot, Fuziah said if Eskay was a God-fearing man, he should have stopped the act from taking place.
“If you bring the case to the Syariah court, the accuser must provide four witnesses to prove his allegation under ‘qazaf’. Eskay himself will be questioned on why he didn’t not stop the act from happening as he claimed he was there,”said Fuziah, who is also Kuantan MP.
She added that it was wrong for Eskay to have taken an oath in the mosque over the matter as this was only allowed for specific cases .
“Just by swearing on the Quran doesn’t not mean he is telling the truth. If an oath can be used to resolve such cases, then why do we need to have police and courts?” she asked.
Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng, however, believed that public perception on Anwar’s credibility was at stake among those who do not have access to alternative news.
“And the real victim here is not Anwar but Islam,” said Khoo.
He explained that the act of dragging Islam into the sex video scandal  is creating a bad image of Islam among the non-Muslims.
More ammunition
Asked on whether Anwar could do anything to salvage the situation, Khoo said there was nothing much Anwar could do at this point.
“He should focus on strengthening PKR as the party itself needs a lot of improvement. He should also work to groom future leaders as people would want to see dynamism in a party,” he said.
International Islamic University of Malaysia’s political analyst Aziz Bari said Anwar’s image had not been hurt by the incident.
“The controversy had actually strengthened his resolve and it gives him more ammunition to take on Umno.
“Besides, look at the accusers. Can’t they (Umno) find anyone else apart from these three stooges,” Aziz said, referring to the “Datuk Trio”.
Last month, the trio had invited several journalists to view a 21-minute sex video allegedly showing Anwar having  sex with a prostitute.
Anwar has since dismissed the allegations and had also filed a police report on the matter.
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