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Saturday, June 11, 2011

China's 'sexiest teacher' is web sensation

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:52 PM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

Like many pretty young girls, this teacher likes to post her photos online but some netizens wonder if it is appropriate.

This long-legged beauty with  large eyes, and a sweet face is, to the surprise of some, a primary school language teacher.

Zhu Songhua, a 30-year-old primary school teacher became an Internet sensation in China after she appeared on a variety TV show aired on Jiangsu Satellite Television.

She appeared in a "Happy Night" programme, for a segment titled "My Teacher is Special".

Internet sources report that the teacher from No. 1 Primary School in Jiangsu has been teaching since she graduated from Nantong Normal University, and has won awards in teaching competitions.

A colleague said that she loves teaching and is an exceptional teacher. She also does not dress up at work, unlike in her photographs posted online.

While the report said she was single, a netizen who claimed to know her commented that she was married.

Would you accept a teacher like her? Click on the thumbnails below to see the photos which caused the sensation, and judge for yourself.

Click on thumbnails to view media. 


Too sexy to teach?

Eight girls punch and kick victim

Sulaiman Kamal | 6:21 PM | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

Video of attack on HK student sparks online outrage, police investigation.

Click on thumbnails to view media. 

A VIDEO posted on several social networking websites which shows a brutal attack on a female student in Hong Kong has sparked a police investigation.

The footage had been posted on YouTube and Online.hk before it was removed last Friday because it was flagged as containing offensive content, reported Hong Kong's South China Morning Post.

The video, which is about 11/2 minutes long, is still accessible on Facebook and Youku, a popular video-sharing website in China.

The video shows eight girls punching and kicking the victim, who appears to be in a school uniform.

One of her attackers jumps off a wall and pulls the victim to the ground before others join in to stomp on the victim.

It is unclear when the video was filmed, although the students are wearing winter school uniforms.

There is speculation that the attack could have taken place in Tin Shui Wai last year.

School identified

The video clip is thought to have been recorded by one of the attackers.
The initials SHW are also seen on one of the girls' uniforms.

Some Internet users have commented that judging from the initials, some of the attackers could be students from Shi Hui Wen Secondary School, located in the Tuen Mun district in Hong Kong.

Apple Daily reported that a netizen has made a police report identifying one of the alleged attackers.

The newspaper said in its report that the principal of Shi Hui Wen Secondary School, Mr Choi Wing Tim, has confirmed that one of the attackers was from the school.

Mr Choi also told Apple Daily that he had been contacted by police over the incident.

Oriental Daily reported that the attackers were from that school as well as another school from Tin Shui Wai, in Hong Kong's NewTerritories.

The video clip has provoked a wave of outragefrom Internet users.

"Are they humans? How can they do that?" wrote one netizen on Youku.

Another asked: "Are they mad? Why would those who beat her up film it and post it online?"

A spokesman from Hong Kong's Education Bureau said staff would follow up on the incident with schools after the public holiday.

A police spokesman said that they would look into the incident.

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Don't play, play with this Bunny

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:19 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

WHEN the Playboy Club Sands Macau staged a "Bunny Hunt" for its soon-to-be-opened establishment last year, 600 Bunny hopefuls from around the world turned up to be auditioned.
Only 16 made the cut, one of whom was Malaysian model Felixia Yeap. And she did not even have to go through the audition; she was hand-picked by the Macau Club manager.
Following her stint as a Bunny, Yeap says she has received a string of indecent proposals. One man even posted a private message on her Facebook, offering her RM22,000 (S$9,011) for sex, she says.
The former kindergarten teacher, who has become immune to such nonsense, reacted by publicly shaming these people she posted their remarks on the wall for everyone to see.
"That is not the way to talk to a girl," states the attractive 1.73m tall lass with a toss of her gold-bleached, waist-length hair.
Dressed in a sexy navy low-cut top with the words "99% myself" emblazoned on the front, black tights and flats, Yeap, 24, made heads turn when she arrived for this interview at a Subang eatery.
"There is a misconception that Bunnies are scandalous, but a Bunny is essentially a hostess/waitress at the Playboy Club," she asserts.
It may seem unbelievable but Yeap says she has never opened a Playboy magazine. She also insists she will never pose nude because of her upbringing.
"It would go against my principles and I wouldn't want to disappoint my fans," she adds.
But since working as a Bunny, her popularity has certainly risen, if the number of her Facebook fans is an indicator. At last count, Yeap has almost 29,000 fans on her fan page.
But there are no airs about this down-to-earth Ipoh-born model who has made KL her base.
"I'm not a celebrity," she says with a laugh.
Feminists may say the Playboy Bunny gig exploits and objectifies women, but the articulate Yeap begs to differ.
Treated 'like princesses'

"We were treated more like princesses, but people are entitled to their opinions," she says, adding that her mother supported her venture as well.
The Bunny costume is essentially a custom-made corset complete with satin bunny ears, cotton tails, fishnets and matching high-heels, she describes. The costumes are very exclusive and have to be returned after the six-hour work shift, she adds.
"The first rule is to never let anyone touch us, not even the tail' or ears'. Customers who do so will be thrown out," relates Yeap, who saw a fellow Bunny being "harassed" but counts herself lucky not to have gone through a similar experience.
"Working as a Bunny is a tough job that requires a lot of mental strength. Bunnies also have to follow a lot of protocol," she says, taking the Bunny Dip as an example. The Bunny Dip refers to a manoeuvre where one leans backwards while bending at the knees with the left knee lifted and tucked behind the right leg. It's a tough but important stance, and it has to be done carefully so that nothing spills out, she explains while pointing at her chest.
There's also the Bunny Perch the way Bunnies sit on the back of a chair, sofa, or railing when they want to rest.
Yeap says that even the women patrons at the Macau Club were excited by the presence of the Bunnies and many wanted to know how they could become one.
Yeap was in Macau for the launch of the club and was one of five Bunnies featured in the club's promotions.
"It was a good opportunity and I gained some experience," she says, adding that she was offered a six-month contract but declined as she did not want a lengthy break from her modelling career.
'I'm not a diva'

Altogether, she was a Bunny for one month from November to December last year.
Yeap certainly knows what she wants. In 2009, she pulled out of the Miss Malaysia-World pageants because of contractual disagreements that, she says, would have disrupted her earnings.
"I'm not a diva. I just have my own principles," says Yeap who sees Brazilian Gisele Bundchen as her role model.
Yeap describes herself as homely, spends a lot of time on Facebook, dislikes partying and doesn't smoke or drink.
"I'm actually a very boring person."
She likes reading fiction and is now in the midst of Norwegian Wood by Japanese author Haruki Murakami.
She also likes cars and, she says, used to fight with her brother over toy cars when they were much younger. She drives a Satria Neo. Her dream car is a Lamborghini Gallardo but she does not believe in purchasing one even if she can afford it.
"I would rather buy a house for my mum in Ipoh or give money to charity. I'm happy with my third-hand car now," she declares.
Yeap says she has gone through hard times, earning less than RM1,000 while working at a kindergarten during a break from modelling several years ago.
Back then, she recalls, she could only afford to rent a RM100 storeroom that was barely large enough for her to stretch her legs. The width of the room was just two arms length and could only fit a narrow foldable bed, with space left for her luggage and laptop.
"It made me grow up and realise that life is not easy," she shares.
Although Yeap enjoyed working with kids at the kindergarten, she found the pay too low, and thus returned to modelling.
FHM magazine spotted Yeap in her comeback bid, featured her on the cover and the rest, as they say, is history.
'Fed up with race-based rhetoric'

"You have to keep believing in yourself and work hard. If you are passionate about what you do, you will succeed," says Yeap who describes her mum as her best friend and inspiration.
Realising that modelling has a short shelf-life, Yeap, who has a diploma in fashion design, hopes to branch out to singing and acting. She also dreams of opening a day-care or a car modification centre.
She is currently unattached and admits that she is not actively looking for a life partner.
While modelling has taken her to various countries, Yeap says she still loves Malaysia best and doesn't like to be away from home for long.
"The best thing about Malaysia is our many cultures," says Yeap who listens to songs by Siti Nurhaliza and Ning Baizura, among others, and enjoys Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet.
She says she is fed up with the race-based rhetoric propagated by certain politicians and is sad that people are becoming more polarised, especially youngsters.
"Why should we be identified by Chinese, Indian or Malay. We are Malaysians. Americans identify themselves by their nationality and not their ethnicity. Why can't we do the same?"

Girl abused by family friend for 7 years

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:08 PM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

FOR more than seven years, from when she was eight, a girl was sexually abused over and over by a temple medium whom her parents regarded as a close family friend.

He was a 'spiritual adviser' to the child's father, who was also a temple medium.

They trusted him so much that they let him sleep in their flat on many occasions, during which time he would abuse the child.

After the couple divorced, the girl's mother left her daughter alone with him and even let him have her stay in his flat during school holidays.

Yesterday, the man, now 59, admitted to multiple charges of sexually abusing the girl, now 16 years old, and was jailed for 24 years.

Married with four children aged 18 to 23, he will not be caned as he is above the age of 50.

Looking skinny and dishevelled in court, the former coffee shop assistant faced 44 charges for offences dating from January 2001 to May last year.

Because of the years of continual abuse, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Gordon Oh, the child had grown into a teenager who hated herself, mutilated her body and was promiscuous.

'That the victim's own mother would unwittingly send her own daughter into the lion's den was only possible because the accused had shamelessly betrayed the trust bestowed upon him by the victim's family,' said the prosecutor.

The High Court heard that the girl's father and the man got to know each other in 2000, when they were mediums in a Chinese temple and also did odd jobs for the same employer.
He became a close family friend - called 'uncle' by the victim and her three younger sisters - and was regularly invited to sleep over at the family's four-room flat.

In early 2001, while he was watching TV with the girl and her younger sister, he began stroking the younger girl's leg. When she moved away, he turned his attention to the victim, who responded by hugging him.

The touching became more frequent and one night, he took her into the study where he slept and raped her. No one heard her cries and he told her not to tell anyone about it.

He carried on raping her at her parents' flat.

After the couple divorced in 2004, the girl moved into a rented flat with her mother. But her rapist remained in her life when her mother let him babysit her while she worked.

Her three other sisters lived with their father.

By 2006, the rapist was having the teenager stay in his flat during the school holidays.
If she refused to go over when he summoned her, he would have her mother send her.

The abuse became more depraved. On one weekend in June 2006, he violated the then 13-year-old with a banana despite her protests. He then sodomised her and stopped only when she kicked him.

Then in February last year, he violated her with a stick used to strike a bell during prayers.

The abuse came to light a few months later, in July, when the girl confided in an aunt. It was only then that her parents learnt of her ordeal. They went with her the next day to make a police report.

Yesterday, the man pleaded for leniency, saying he was remorseful and in anguish every day. Citing his age and poor health, he asked for a 'reasonable sentence' so that he could spend the rest of his years peacefully with his family.

He pleaded guilty to five counts of rape, one count of committing an indecent act on a child, one count of sodomy and two counts of sexual assault of a minor. The rest of the charges were taken into consideration during sentencing.

Shocking: Girl's corpse stripped and raped

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:45 AM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

SARAWAK, Malaysia – The body of a 15-year-old girl was stripped of her clothes and raped after it had been buried for three days.
The corpse was found naked, with the deceased’s green shirt, black pants and underwear discarded on the ground beside of the grave.

The assailant had replaced the lid of the coffin and then buried it again.
Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that the corpse was discovered by her family members after they went back to the grave three days after the burial.
They were shocked to find the body lying naked outside the coffin. The family hurriedly re-buried her.
According to Lianhe Wanbao, this is the first time such an incident has happened in the area. The case is still under police investigation.
The girl had died of an illness.
Not a solo act
The district chief for the area said the assailant may have other motives for committing this crime.
Lianhe Wanbao reported him as saying that the entire incident looked very organised and was not something that could be executed by one person. 
Residents in the area speculated as to what could be the cause of the incident. However, none of the rumours were confirmed as the girl’s family did not accept any interviews. 

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