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Monday, January 30, 2012

Calling Muhyiddin's bluff: Shahrizat vs Raja Nong Chik

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:51 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Deputy Prime Minister Muhiyuddin Yassin's call to Barisan Nasional to go all out in Lembah Pantai and make sure they win the parliamentary seat is a tall order. And for Raja Nong Chik, the ambitious Lembah Pantai division chief, to bypass former incumbent Sharizat Jalil and fulfil the DPM's wishes will be a even greater task.
Have we not heard the phrase 'Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned'. If true, then scorned indeed will be Shahrizat, the Bollywood-like Queen Bee, and Raja Nong Chik will be the first one likely to receive her sting.
There is speculation Shahrizat may support current incumbent Nurul Izzah to exact revenge on Raja Nong Chik for allegedly hijacking the seat and destroying her political career, although you can be sure if it is true, she will do it quietly and with great inner satisfaction.

Diabolical scheming and plotting?
Raja Nong Chik's purported hijack of the seat is not news to her or to anyone in the political circles. It seems she started smelling a rat when he began flaunting himself and stirring up waves in Lembah Pantai right under her nose. In fact, from as far back as two years ago, there was already talk in her camp that she was upset with Raja Nong Chik's presence in Lembah Pantai.
Sure she lost it to Nurul, but that doesn't mean she won't get it back in GE-13, so she tells herself and her supporters. Sad to say, not many were listening to her.
As for Raja Nong Chik or RNC as he likes to be called, this new hotshot appears to be bold and brazen with a capital B. He seems to think Lembah Pantai is like taking cotton candy from a child, perhaps he feels Lembah Pantai is simply his for the taking. His party mates says he has even given an assurance to the top leadership in UMNO that he will deliver the seat to them on a silver platter. Yes, he seems to being very cocksure and ruthless about it. Even now, his banners showing himself and Prime Minister Najib Razak are all over Bangsar, and even his close associates are aghast at his political aggressiveness.
This can only further infuriate the Shahrizat camp. She is after all the UMNO Women's chief. You can be sure her supporters will see it as a slight - nay, a chainsaw attack - that Shahrizat and her shell-shocked family will never be able to forget or to forgive. As some of her upset supporters say, this scorned Mama will teach RNC a lesson soon enough, he is lucky she has hands full with the RM250 million NFC debacle still whirring around her head. No doubt, she is still seeing stars and the NFC has drained her weary, but it will not stop her from exacting sweet revenge and collecting her pound of flesh once the new reality starts to sink in.
Rubbing salt into the wound
The rationale behind the speculation is that Shahrizat would not mind at all if Nurul Izzah kept the seat because she has got over that defeat. But if she were to let a hotshot who allegedly dropped banana skins all over town for her and her family to skid on, it would be the ultimate insult and slap in the face.
Why, her critics say she would even forego Botox and Liposuction if that's what it takes to get a swat at the pint-sized RNC for what he has done to her political career, her by-now mangled husband and her still shaking three kids. You see, the NFC corruption scandal has not been kind at all to the UMNO Wanita Chief and to many in the wing, it is that little RNC who is to blame.
So my friend Raja Nong Chik, it looks like you may have to step over Shahrizat's 'dead body' (figuratively speaking) to face Nurul Izzah, and it will be fun to watch you try to outperform these two women. Chances are higher they will be running circles round you. For you to think you can outfox Nurul and take Lembah Pantai from her is like you telling us you can run faster then Hussien Bolt in the 100 meters race.
Even if you cheat, you will need a huge voters roll to win. Nurul won the last time with a majority of 2,895 in 2008, but it is a different story today. The 2,895 majority will be many folds bigger this time. Nurul is popular in Lembah Pantai, genuinely popular and well-thought of there by all the races. You will need at least 10,000 extra votes if you want to cheat successfully. So better to go fishing for 'cheating votes' first before you rush to throw your hat into the ring.
Malaysians must pitch in to help chase out BN
In 2008 when we were all fed up with MIC and Samy Vellu, it was the small crusaders who collectively toppled them. Samy did not see it coming, he was very popular among the Chinese and Indians in Sungei Siput.
And even though the Malays always made fun of him and his 'Indian-Malay' slang, they liked him. Small crusaders like us, friends and families, we camped in Sungei Siput using our own resources to go house to house, to community halls, coffee shops, morning markets and any place where there was a small crowd who would listen. Even if there was only one person present, we would approach and beg him or her not to vote for Samy to save the Indian community in Malaysia.
Most of the time, the people listened to us, although they were not really aware that the Indians had been so marginalized due to the endemic corruption in MIC and BN. Even till the last minute we were not sure we would beat him, but the results showed that the strategy worked and Dr Jeyakumar's team which also campaigned overtime was overjoyed when finally, the Eight Times Incumbent in Sungei Siput was defeated.
This will happen again in Lembah Pantai, and all over Malaysia, if there are small groups who will sacrifice their time to create awareness for a Pakatan Rakyat win in the 13th general election. This time, it will be much easier with UMNO and BN shooting their own foot with all the massive corruption scandals beginning to emerge. The infighting in UMNO is also slowly eroding its chance to beat Pakatan.
Woman Scorned?
As we are all aware, there will be inevitable cheating at the ballot boxes with or without foreign workers roped in to fill the place of phantom voters on the lists. As eligible voters, we should record on our phone-cameras if we feel the presence of ineligible foreign voters at our polling stations or if there are other suspicious activities.
Upload the footage on You Tube or Facebook for someone to compile and keep as evidence in case of disputes, although the current government can be expected to reject such claims and reports.
Nonetheless, we mustn't get demoralized but must fight even harder to show the world what Malaysian Democracy is all about. As for Shahrizat, she may not see her face on the buntings in Lembah Pantai when GE-13 rolls around, although RNC might see his.
But that is unlikely to stop Shahrizat - who would then be a 'Woman Scorned' - from having a say in who her former constituents - since 1995 - should pick as their representative come GE-13. And all things considered, why should it?


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