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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cops set strict conditions for Anwar rally

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:59 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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The participants are stopped from doing any action, including making noise or make any signals that would disrupt the court proceedings.
The police today announced a set of conditions for the organisers and participants of the “901 Free Anwar” rally to be held at the Jalan Duta court complex parking lot next Monday.
A posting on the PDRM official Facebook page listed the 10-point conditions.

The statement said that the conditions were issued by the Sentul district police chief, who had considered public safety and public order factors before imposing the following:
1. Brochures/banners with the tagline ‘Bebaskan Anwar 901’ or  ‘Bebaskan Anwar’ are not allowed in any circumstances during the rally.
2. The usage of other sound amplifying equipments, aside for loud hailers, is not allowed.
3. The usage of only two hailers are allowed for the purpose of managing the crowd.
4.Public speaking is not allowed in whatever circumstances
5.  The organisers must ensure that participants do not do any action, including making noise or make any signals, that would disrupt the court proceedings.
6.  The area for the gathering is limited to the parking lot along the left side of the main road into the court. The area will be marked by police line and participants are not allowed outside of it. If the area is filled, other participants are not allowed in and they will be dispersed from the area.
7.  The organiser must make sure that participants do not bring any weapons and give full cooperation to the police to make checks if required.
8.  The organisers must ensure that all participants leave the rally no later than one hour after the court verdict has been delivered.
9.  All orders by the police, which would be given from time to time, to ensure peaceful assembly must be adhered to.
10.  Participants are not allowed to vandalise or damage any public property or any private property at the area.
Earlier today the police said that they would allow for the rally if the organisers can assure no disruption to the public order.
PKR then announced that they will ensure that the gathering is peaceful and that they will disperse after the court decision has been made. It is now uncertain if they would agree to the strict conditions imposed by the police.
Among the first to react was PKR vice president N Surendran who said that no conditions were set when PKR held a meeting with the KL police chief DCP Mohmad Salleh earlier today.
“We will proceed with the gathering on that basis,” he told FMT.

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