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Monday, January 16, 2012

RM100K to sleep with a celeb

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:59 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Rumours of celebrities involvied in prostitution are not new to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong.

Over the past two years, there have been much talk that dozens of female celebrities were suspected of "selling themselves" for money. But there was no concrete evidence of their involvement.
Recently, another list of "celeb-hookers" was exposed.
It is based on a series of text messages between a pimp and a rich man from Hong Kong. However, no names were mentioned in the article by Suddenly Weeklymagazine.

Below are excerpts of messages. The names have been censored.
Man: My friend like X and X, what about next Monday?
Pimp: OK. "Fast food"? A few days? In Hong Kong?
Man: My friend said he try one night first, what's the price? He prefers X.
Pimp: X said she is not free; X (another star) and X (an actor) are dating. He is keeping on eye on her, she can't come out.
Man: If X is not free, is there other popular stars? How's the arrangement?Man: How it the arrangement? My friend is arriving in Hong Kong on Monday? Is X ok?
Pimp: I have told X, she will reply. Will inform you as ASAP, thank you.
Pimp: Those currently free are TVB's long leg babe X and TVB's X, Breasts Goddess 36D X and playful big breasts Miss Hong Kong X. Which do you want? Will let you know the price.
Man: Ask X to go to Y hotel in Tung Lo Wan on June 10. Let you know the room number later. Give me the price immediately.
Pimp: She is not free on this date.

Later, the pimp managed to persuade the artiste to take the job for 200,000 yuan (RM99,264).

The pimp also told the man that the star was very experienced, and assured him that he would be very happy.

It was reported that the woman, who has a sexy body and is well known in both HK and China, is currently dating a popular actor from the TV circle.
However, worried that her boyfriend would find out about her sex trade, the woman pulled out off the deal at the last minute.

Another unidentified woman, in her 30s, was offered to replace the star but it was rejected. The rich man was refunded.

Suyen Cheung (left) is photographed entering a luxury car and headed to a mansion
It has been speculated that the man who contacted the pimp is very close to 2010 Miss Hong Kong participant Suyen Cheung, 26, who was spotted in a Ferrari on June 12, last year, enroute to a mansion.
However, the identity of the owner of the house was not revealed.

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