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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Confirmed: MCA is a ‘Dumb and Dumber’ outfit

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:34 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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I AM deeply relieved to see the MCA leadership openly displaying and confirming that it is led by a “Dumb and Dumber!” leadership that knows no shame.
My article uploaded by Malaysia Chronicle (MC) and titled “‘Dumb and Dumber’ MCA drives white ang-pows issue round and round”, has to date attracted 86 comments, including a deranged ‘Samuel’ who uses vulgarity to curse MC readers who have responded angrily towards Perkasa-MCA’s white ‘death’ packets distributed to the Chinese community this lunar year of the Dragon.
My article was prompted by MCA youth secretary-general Chan Kim Sen’s silly ‘damage control’ statement that created even more damage to the integrity of MCA.
Instead of defending the dignity of the Chinese community being given pak kam (white gold), signifying death, MCA tried to pin the blame on PAS. (for more, read the article)
I thought that was the pits from a party that claims to represent and defend the Chinese community.

Even dumber than Chai
Hold and behold! Comes the wife-cheating (Samuel, is this inaccurate and untrue?) MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek, displaying his complete arrogance with statements reported by MCA’s mouthpiece, The Star.
The two news reports titled “Soi Lek: MCA won't stop members from attending Perkasa events” and “Tiew did right by quitting, says Chua” are clear proof of MCA’s support and fear for the Umno-linked Ibrahim ‘Perkasa’ Ali.
For some reason, the adulterer (again, Samuel, is this inaccurate or untrue?) Chua sees it fit not to defend the Chinese community against the pak kam insults from Perkasa-Umno.
I thought Chai’s damage control was ‘Dumb’ but Chua’s was even ‘Dumber’. Chua is actually telling or challenging the Chinese community on the pak kam issue: So what, we (MCA) support Perkasa.
Chua had also been quoted that Sri Desa MCA branch chairman Dr Collin Tiew, who resigned from all party posts following Perkasa’s “white packet” debacle, acted responsibly by doing so.
But earlier, Chua said Tiew attended the insulting Perkasa Chinese New Year Open House not as an MCA official but in his personal capacity as a social worker. Then, why resign from MCA posts?
Both Chai and Chua tried to blame PAS or the Opposition for Ibrahim Frog’s behaviour when the MCA was itself helping Perkasa to organise the event and insults.
As MCA president, Chua should have just apologised for Tiew’s behaviour on behalf of the party and issued strong statements against Perkasa to defend the dignity of the Chinese community. That would have cooled the issue to some extent. Instead, the immoral Chua is even trying to salvage Ibrahim ‘Perkasa’ Ali’s image and dignity. Not a single word of condemning the insults.
This is what we term the folly of defending the indefensible. Chua’s immoral behaviour cannot be defended but it can be forgiven by those who wish to. Forgiving is one thing, accepting him as a community leader is another.
When you cannot defend, then there is no way to articulate your arguments effectively, intelligently and sensibly. So what to do?
You send an uneducated foul mouth Samuel to heap vulgarities on MC readers who have every right to tick off MCA and the Umno-linked Ibrahim ‘Perkasa’ Ali.
Samuel! I am signing off as a Retired Journalist, so what!


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