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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sulaiman Kamal | 10:38 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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Ex-Workers' Party (WP) member Yaw Shin Leong has formally vacated his Parliament seat.

Speaker Michael Palmer made the announcement in Parliament on Tuesday at the start of the parliamentary session.

He said Mr Yaw had e-mailed the Clerk of Parliament on the evening of Feb 20 to say that he would not be appealing against his expulsion from the WP.

The former Hougang Member of Parliament (MP) was expelled from WP on the evening of Feb 14 for not clearing the air on his alleged extramarital affairs.

At Feb 17's Parliament sitting, the Speaker gave Mr Yaw a week to contest the expulsion before the Parliament made its final decision on the vacancy of the Hougang seat.

Mr Palmer said: "I have to therefore inform honourable members that the seat of the Member for Hougang became vacant from the evening of 14th February, 2012, which was when he was expelled from the political party for which he stood in the 2011 General Election."

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