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Monday, February 27, 2012

Rape accused has 2 wives

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:47 PM | | Best Blogger Tips

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His family had no idea he is married to two women at the same time.

This was revealed in a psychiatric report tendered to the court on Friday.

The man is accused of raping a 26-year-old Indonesian maid in the master bedroom and the children's room before choking her with a raffia string and throwing her out of the kitchen window of the second-storey flat.

The parties cannot be named to protect the identity of the maid, who is now 29.

The alleged offences occurred between noon and 2.32pm on Sept 9, 2009.

The former security guard faces five charges - two counts of aggravated rape and one count each of attempted murder, voluntarily causing hurt and trespassing.

The man, 44, has not contacted his first wife for almost seven years. They are not legally divorced and their four children are in Malaysia.


He also has a wife and two daughters, aged five and one, in Batam.

He lives with his mother in a flat in Singapore.

The court heard on Friday that the man has known his second wife for six years.

He used to visit her once or twice a month, the last visit being on Aug 1, 2009.

The psychiatric report also said that his relationship with her was good and they had sex each time he visited her in Batam.

In a 40-minute interview, psychiatrist Jerome Goh learnt from the man's family, including his mother, step-sister and two nieces that they had found out about his second marriage only recently.

Dr Goh also learnt that the accused does not communicate much with his mother.

Taking the stand on Friday, Dr Goh told the court that the man was calm during the three interviews he had with him.

Dr Goh added that the man had told him that the maid had been an active party during intercourse.

Dr Mohan Tiruchittampalam, who works at the A&E department at Changi General Hospital, where the maid was taken after the incident, also took the stand on Friday.

He told the court the maid had multiple heel bone fractures, a serious pelvic fracture and a spinal fracture.

He said the injuries were consistent with her landing on her right foot and she did not have head injuries.

The court also heard that the maid had told Dr Mohan that she had jumped out the window.

In a statement by the accused read out in court on Thursday, the court heard that the maid had agreed to have sex with him but asked him not to harm her.

But after that, she suddenly shouted and ran out of the house through the main gate.

Pulled her back

He pulled her back and reminded her that she had promised not to tell anyone of their sexual encounter.

He asked her why she shouted.

He then used both hands to choke her while they were in the master bedroom. She struggled and tried to hit him.

The man looped a nylon string from his pocket around her neck and pulled it tight, causing her to lose consciousness.

He then left the room. But as he was opening the front door, he saw the maid run from the room to the kitchen before jumping out the window, he told the police in a statement later.

He went home, had a drink, washed his face and left home again.

At the foot of the block, he saw the maid lying on the ground but he went on to a coffee shop to have a coffee.

In another police statement, the man had said: "According to the charge, it says I did it (rape) without her consent. She allowed me to have sex if I did not harm her. She also allowed me to take off her T-shirt.

"She did not put on a struggle and her clothing all intact."

The woman was found naked at the foot of the block on Sept 9, 2009. A neighbour later covered her with a green sarong.

The trial continues on Monday.

Of the charges, attempted murder carries the heaviest penalty - a life term and caning if the accused is convicted.

If convicted of rape, he can be jailed 20 years and caned.

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