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Monday, February 27, 2012

100 Officers Access Database Of Female Co-Worker Over 400 TIMES

Sulaiman Kamal | 7:07 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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More than 100 officers in the land of 10,000 lakes have been using their police databases to ogle a single female employee, it has been revealed.

An investigation into Minnesota’s Dakota County Sheriff’s office, as well as state troopers and Bloomington police show that the law enforcement officers were using the database as their own personal Facebook, looking up pictures of Anne Marie Rasmusson, a fellow officer.

According to an audit, 24 officers accessed the database of the blonde-haired, green-eyed officer an astounding 133 times.

The investigation, as originally reported by Minnesota’s independent paper City Pages, shows that officers –from chiefs on down – have been using the system as little more than their personal database. 

Ms Rasmusson, a 37-year-old retired cop, stands at a petite 5ft2 and has her hair trimmed short. 

Officers are only supposed to look someone up for official reasons. 

That said, the incredible misuse of the database is astounding – City Pages found that 104 officers in 18 different state agencies accessed her driver’s licence record 425 times.

She told City Pages: ‘There is nothing that I would say about this driver’s licence photo or any of my previous ones that in any way would deserve the attention that they’ve gotten.’

Ms Ramusson told the paper that she feels her privacy has been violated. When she found out to what degree, she actually became ill.

One officer, who requested that he not be named, said that every cop – regardless of rank – had looked at her file.

When she was 24 and new to the St Paul police force, one of her co-workers suggested a bet – who could lose the most body fat in three months.

She dropped 15 pounds in three months, and continued her regimen of exercise and healthy eating until she dropped an additional 70 pounds.

An injury in 2003 forced Ms Ramusson to go into early retirement, but the determined fitness guru continued working out, and began entering body building competitions while her husband – another Minnesota officer – went to work.

She became suspicious when a former academy friend said she looked great in her driver’s licence photo. Then unsolicited texts from other officers trickled in, requesting her company on boating excursions. 

Tired of the texts, she insisted on an audit, and the results were shocking.

Her personal data – including her address, phone number, and driver’s licence information – had been accessed repeatedly by officers since 2007.

If federal privacy laws swing in her favour, all 104 officers who viewed her profile could lose their jobs.

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