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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sex and meeting sales targets

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:52 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Cheryl is a former model. She's tall, curvy, confident and to friends, hot. She is also a medical sales representative.

Netizens have been intrigued by the lifestyle of female sales executives since an IT executive was linked to a high-level probe here by graft busters, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

Cheryl knows of the probe. She also knows friends and colleagues who wonder if she goes beyond using her pretty face to sell.

After all, Cheryl, who has been in the sales line for five years, has heard all kinds of stories about women who use their bodies to clinch a deal.

Like the time she heard of how a well-known doctor was caught with his pants down with a medical sales representative in his clinic last year.

"Using sex to get more sales is not unusual in the sales line, not just the medical industry," says Cheryl, who works for a multinational company that sells medicine here.

But she believes only a small number do that.

In her line of work, she visits doctors in the hospitals and clinics, and gets them to commit to her company's products.

"That way, the order for my drugs will increase and so will my sales commission," says Cheryl, who is in her 30s.

She says she makes about $7,000 a month and enjoys flexible working hours. She wears designer clothes from Calvin Klein and DKNY, and zips around town in a 2-litre car.

Having a pretty face opens more doors, she confesses.

"Attractive people get a headstart to success, especially in the sales line. A doctor told me he likes meeting pretty sales reps and enjoys dining with them," she says.

"I also know of some doctors who would only see female sales reps. And some of them (including the married ones) have even offered to 'take care' of my prettier and younger colleagues."

By "taking care" she means they want to keep them as mistresses. They offer to see to all their expenses.

Cheryl, who is married, says she will flirt but there's no sex involved. She only teases and jokes to make the sale.

"Using sex to get business is not sustainable and it is silly to do so.

"Why resort to that just for an extra few thousand dollars in commission? I will not have sex with any doctor, unless I want to marry him," she says.

Maintaining a good relationship with a wide network of doctors brings in dollars for her commission-based job.

In a good month, a sales rep can take home a five-figure salary.

And you don't even need to be an expert on what you're selling, confesses the science graduate.

Doctors already know the products and they are more interested to talk about their personal life.

But near the end of the month, there will be some sweet, young reps who will dress more sexily as they need to hit their sales target for the month.

"We have a joke going around the office that it is time for us to wear skirts that are six inches above the knees and tops that are four inches below our chest, in order to hit our sales target," Cheryl says.

Dressing sexily works, she admits.

She's had her fair share of invites from doctors but she politely rejects them.

And she does not feel that her sales have been affected by declining to go out with her clients.


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