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Monday, February 20, 2012

Teacher placed 3 secret cameras in girls' school toilet

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:11 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Sources told TNP that one of the cameras was discovered by a student who went to the toilet on Wednesday.
It is believed that she alerted a staff member, who later found two more similar devices in other cubicles in the same toilet.
TNP understands that the staff member took the cameras to the staffroom and later left the room.
The staff member returned and found the cameras missing from the staffroom.
When footage from a closed-circuit television camera installed in the staffroom was checked, it showed the male teacher walking away with the devices.
Sources said the school alerted the police about the incident on Thursday. The teacher, who is believed to be married, was then arrested.
A retired primary school teacher, Madam Juriah Idris, said that advancements in technology could be partly to blame for the teachers' indiscretions.
"I first started teaching in 1967. I had never heard of cases of teachers being hauled to court for misbehaving up to my retirement in 2003.
"But recently, it seems that more and more teachers are doing things they shouldn't."
Madam Juriah, 62, said that social networking websites have made it very easy for teachers and students to communicate with one another outside school.
"I think the downside to this is that some teachers may be tempted to take their professional relationship with students a step further. This, I think, is a huge no-no."
The father of two teenage daughters, however, said that the teacher who allegedly installed the pinhole cameras could have done so as he was stressed at work.
He said: "Teaching is a very stressful job and I guess the guy could have done it because he could not handle the workload. If this was the case, then I feel quite sorry for him.
"But still, there are other ways to relieve stress. Teachers are supposed to be role models for our students. We are not supposed to be perverts and criminals."
Students contacted by TNP were shocked when told of the pinhole cameras.
Michelle Yeoh, a 14-year-old student at Beatty Secondary School, said: "I can't believe that a teacher in Singapore could install pinhole cameras in a girls' toilet in his school.
"Teachers are supposed to be morally upright. I'm very shocked."
Her schoolmate, Shelia Loewito, 15, piped in: "I would definitely scream if I spotted a camera in the toilet. After that, I would inform my teacher about it.
"I think I could be traumatised if it really happened to me. Maybe I should check the toilet carefully in the future before doing anything."
Educators in trouble
ON SUNDAY, news broke about a former primary school principal who is believed to be one of the clients of an online vice syndicate.
He resigned in December. Those who knew the married man, who is in his late 30s, said he was well-mannered and eloquent.
But he is not the only educator here who ran afoul of the law.
Jailed eight years



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