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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Call me a gold-digger, I don't care

Sulaiman Kamal | 7:33 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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This ex-model targets married tycoons for their money.

Her coup? Getting one to divorce his wife and marry her

He's not handsome. Never mind. He's married. So what?

What matters most is that he's rich and, given his social status, he has the potential to be her ticket to the high life.

And indeed she did have it all.

A short fling - lasting about six months - with the "stout and ugly" business tycoon opened the right doors for this former model.

The Singaporean is now happily married to another business tycoon, whom she met through her former lover.

Ms T, who agreed to this interview on the condition that we do not name her, says: "You can call me a gold-digger, I don't care.

"I got my man and, along with it, the lifestyle that I desire. I am happy."

Ms T, who is in her early 30s, admits that it took careful planning before she "deliberately 'accidentally' bumped" into her former lover.

She says: "I knew he had a weakness for girls who are way taller than him and I am, by one head."

But to ensure that she caught his eye at a private function at Velvet Underground, she bought a pair of three-inch stilettoes.

She spent two weeks working in the gym and going for spa treatments - from facials to manicures, and even luxurious soaks.

Ms T, who had secured the invitation through her modelling agency, invested in a $2,000 branded dress that was "both sexy and sweet".

She says: "Before you expect the man to pamper you, you must pamper yourself. "That's the basic rule that women, when they become wives, forget."

Ms T clucks disapprovingly, then adds: "When you turn into a 'huang lian po' (loosely translated as 'sallow-faced woman'), do you think your husband will want to take a second look at you?"

Men, she insists, are "ruled first by their genitals, then their hearts".

She laughs mockingly, then adds: "Don't expect love without the lust. It comes with a price."

Three months into her affair with her former lover, Ms T realised that "he was not ever going to leave his equally rich wife".

She says: "He doted on me and showered me with lavish gifts, but it soon became clear that I'd never be the No. 1."

While he was generous with gifts, he was stingy with cash, she adds.

"It's like, you can get him to buy you stuff but don't expect him to hand over cold, hard cash."

That was when Ms T started to plan her escape route - with an option that would lead to "another pot of gold".

She soon set her eyes on a "younger and better-looking" businessman - albeit not as rich. "He was good enough for me," she said.

But she hit a slight snag: He was married, with a young child.

Says Ms T: "I was irritated because I was less confident of turning the situation in my favour.

"Also, it was known in social circles that he was a reasonably decent man, which meant that my chances were much slimmer."

Not that she was about to give up.

Ms T declined to provide the full details as she didn't want to "create the unnecessary impression" that she does not love her husband, should he chance upon this report.

Suffice it to say, she succeeded in snaring the man. He proposed to her in 2008.

She says: "Once I managed to convince him that we are very much in love with each other, the rest was easy."

But when her husband's divorce threatened to turn messy, Ms T approached the ex-wife.

And here is another trick that she says "all wives should learn".

She says: "Don't be dumb. When love is gone, don't hang onto it like an idiot.

"Cut your losses and get out quickly, and if the man can afford it, make sure you get as much out of the break-up as you can."

And that was the point that Ms T drove home during her discussion with the ex-wife, she claims.

"It was easier because she wanted custody of their child - and I made good my promise to her that she'd get it," says Ms T.

Now that she is married to the man who once cheated on his wife, she says she's smart enough to make the right moves.

"I give him enough freedom to do what he wants.
"But I won't ever be stupid to let him get too close to any gold-diggers," she adds.

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